Understanding the true impact of “opt-in” screen on customer experience and site performance



OTTO.nl is a leading European eCommerce store with product offerings ranging from clothing & Apparel, furniture and home decor to electronics. 


Opt-in along with web push for improved UX and greater conversions

OTTO.nl ran this test for a month and realized that the presence of the opt-in screen did not affect user behavior on the site. On the contrary, OTTO.nl witnessed a CR uplift of 0.5% to 1% in the variation group. 

During this time, OTTO.nl launched their automated cart-abandonment, promotion and web push notifications. These automated conversion web push notifications were successful in bringing back visitors to the website and improving conversions by 5%. The automated web push notifications also aided in reducing the cart abandonment rate for OTTO.nl.

“We had our initial concerns that the implementation of an opt-in screen on our website would deter visitors and increase our drop-off rate. We decided to A/B test this feature and saw that there was no variation in user behavior among those users who were shown an opt-in screen. We further made use of automated web push notifications from Insider to help us improve our conversion rates. We’re satisfied to know that the use of opt-in screen does not cause user drop-offs and we are continuing to use both custom opt-in screens and automated web push from Insider.”

Renate Pijls
Senior CRM Coordinator