How Orami brings visitors back to checkout pages to complete orders

About Orami

Orami, an eCommerce website, is a one stop shop for all moms and baby needs. Not just that, at Orami, you’ll find quality products at competitive prices and they prioritize great customer experience over everything else.
Money Left on the Table – The Case of Abandoned Carts
While the website gets a lot of hits and many of their users go on to add products in their carts, we wanted to speed customers up in their purchases and decrease cart abandonments. Cart abandonment meant that right before checkout, users would leave the website and wouldn’t complete their purchase. 
Web Push Notifications – Gentle Nudge to Bring Visitors Back

With the help of Insider, Orami implemented personalized web push notifications. While the technology of push notifications was available only to mobile apps some time back, now with Insider you can even send out website push notifications. The opt-in is completely anonymous and unlike emails, users don’t have to leave any personal detail (like an email address) to subscribe to these. The best part about website push notifications? These are off-site! So users get them even when they are not present on your website.

In case of Orami, these notifications were targeted specifically to those users who left the website after adding products in their cart and didn’t complete the checkout process.

So an hour after the cart was abandoned, these users, whichever website they might be browsing, got a personalized notification from Orami giving them a soft nudge to come back on the website. On click of the notification, users would be redirected back to the cart page, from where they could finish their purchase.


It’s been 3 months now that Orami is using Insider to send these targeted web push notifications to the users who abandoned the carts. And so far they have managed to get a whooping 2814 sessions from these notifications. The web push notifications were clicked at the rate of 8.21%.

Out of these 2800+ sessions, they saw 231 completed transactions, giving them an additional revenue of IDR 184 millions (which is approximately 14,000 USD).

“Working on an eCommerce website, it’s commonplace, we understand, that there would always be some users who would come to the website, browse and go back. Some who would add products in their carts and buy, and some who would just leave them there and bounce off. Seeing the number of abandoned carts was always disheartening. It looked like money left on the table. All the revenue we could make but weren’t able to convert. With Insider’s personalized web push notifications we could re-engage these visitors and get them back on the website to complete their purchase. So far the numbers have been extremely encouraging and now we intend to make even more experiments with this approach of web push notifications.”

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