OLX drives an 8.2% click-through rate on mobile web

About OLX

OLX is one of the largest classified ad websites in of the world. OLX Indonesia boasts to have more than three billion visits per month and facilitates an average of more than 1.4 million transactions, worth up to more than $100 million every month since December, 2016. OLX lets local people buy, sell or exchange used goods by providing faster services.
Challenges Faced by OLX to Engage Buyers and Sellers

As a horizontal classifieds platform, OLX has millions of products across many categories. The biggest challenge is to provide sellers and buyers with relevant listings. That’s why offering personalized experiences on olx.co.id became crucial for the brand. Whether a seller or a buyer, a visitor should always find what they’re searching for within seconds. Starting the collaboration on the mobile, Insider’s solutions for the mobile web, gave them unique opportunities to design experiences, as well as rethinking everything for the mobile web.

Delivering a Unique Category View to Each and Every Customer
Using Insider’s Category Optimizer, they were able to deliver a different menu and category listing to each visitor’s homepage based on their historical data collected from the visitors’ previous visits. This enabled OLX to personalize the homepage design as well as the navigation of their mobile website to deliver improved search experiences. 
The category optimization achieved an average CTR of 30.5% within the first month of using Insider’s application. More importantly, they observed a 25.9% uplift in average session durations.
Engaging Mobile Site Abandoners with Exit Intent Messages

In the mobile web, OLX will soon be using some of the latest innovative features like exit intent. Exit intent is significant in determining uninterested users’ impulse buying behavior and to engage them back with offers that would actually interest them.
Turning More Visitors into Conversions with Web Push Notifications

20% of OLX’s users still come from the mobile web. By leveraging Insider’s web push notifications on desktop and mobile web, OLX could keep visitors actively engaged with their platform.

Being able to use push notifications on the mobile web enabled the brand to reach out to visitors who haven’t downloaded the app. With an average opt-in rate of 4.4%, push notifications on the mobile turned more visits into conversions for OLX. This worked even better than their triggered push notifications on mobile web which achieved an average CTR of 8.2%.

Delivering Multiple Products Right on Users’ Lock Screens

OLX will soon start using leading-edge push notifications like carousel push notifications. Carousel push, delivering multiple products in the same push notification at once will be of great practical use to showcase all available ad-types to sellers. OLX is also planning to use slider push notifications to narrate stories like introducing the seller of the month, explaining feature updates or simply sharing short newsletters.

“Insider’s technology empowered us to deliver unique experiences to both buyers and sellers based on their thorough visitor profiles. Keeping both sides satisfied has been very crucial to our overall customer-brand relationship. In this sense, I’m 100% satisfied with the impact Insider is making on our ultimate business goals.”

Doan Siscus

Chief of Operation and Data Science

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