NTV boosts app engagement with breaking news push notifications

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Nationwide news service NTV provides up-to-the-minute information on regional and national news, sports, entertainment, leisure, and more across its TV channel, website, and mobile app.
How to Claim a Slice of Users’ Mobile Interactions

A recent study found that the average smartphone user clicks, taps or swipes on their phone 2,617 times per day, across 76 separate sessions*. That’s a lot of time spent interacting with their device.

NTV wanted to capture their mobile audience’s attention and secure their place as Europe’s number one mobile news app. To do this, they needed to boost app engagement. By encouraging users to interact more with the app, the business would increase pageviews and thus ad revenue. 

Using Bulk Push Messaging to Drive App Traffic
Using Insider’s mobile push capabilities, NTV was able to send push notifications to its users. Delivered directly to users’ notification feeds, the notifications alerted users to breaking news stories. When a user clicked on the notification, they were taken directly to the relevant article within the app. In total, the company sent more than 19 million push notifications over a six-month period. 


The open rate for push notifications was an impressive 8.45%, which equates to 1.6 million sessions.

“We know that people are interacting with their phones more now than ever before, and it’s often their main channel for the consumption of news. People want, and expect, information instantly. Using push notifications allowed us to capture the user’s attention no matter what they were doing on their phone, and alert them to breaking stories. Insider enabled us to send millions of messages with ease, and we were delighted with the results. We will continue to use this method to increase app engagement to reach our greatest business goals.”

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