Learn how world’s one of the most innovative car manufacturer drives online test drive applications


About Nissan

Nissan is one of world’s most innovative car manufacturing brands. Nissan offers a wide spectrum of vehicles, ranging from family-friendly cars like the Nissan Versa to the beastly 591-horse-powered Nissan GTR and world’s best selling electric vehicle Nissan LEAF.

Improving Lead Generation for Test Drives

The marketing team at Nissan was looking to improve test drive applications for a variety of cars listed on their website.

For the automotive industry, applying for a test drive is one of the most crucial steps for a customer’s journey. It’s an indication that the prospect has the intent to buy a car. Most importantly, in the automotive industry, cars are still sold via in-store visits and sales happen face-to-face compared to other channels like email, phone calls and more. Hence, getting a prospect to sign-up for a test drive can significantly improve the overall conversion rate by directly impacting the car sales numbers.

Nissan partnered with Insider to build intuitive lead generation programs to improve test drive sign-ups.

Personalizing experiences

To increase the number of test drive applications, Nissan and Insider leveraged personalization and ran a variety of experiments.

-First and foremost, Nissan created a segment of customers who had a higher chance of signing up for a test drive.

-The segment was created after defining a variety of qualifiers like the number of pages visited, type of pages visited, duration of sessions, number of sessions and more.

-Other behavior based actions were also targeted, for example, cursor location on the page, scroll location and more.

-If the visitor showed such behavior, an exit intent overlay was shown for prospects to leave their information to receive an email or a call back. Nissan representatives would then contact prospects to schedule test drives for their favourite cars.

In the second scenario,

-Nissan targeted a segment of customers who were active on dedicated car pages.

-The visitors on these pages were served a custom header banner with a “call me” button to receive a callback.

-Nissan representatives would then contact prospects to provide further information and schedule test drives for their favourite cars.


Lead Generation Uplift

Week 2: 53.56% Uplift in Lead Generation Rate

These forms and lead generation scenarios were used to encourage visitors to sign-up for a test drive.

The revamped initiative brought an uplift of 39.78% in the form completion rate and results were evident in a mere 2 weeks time.

Also, the exit intent overlays that were implemented based on user behavior such as pages visited, number of sessions and more, bumped the form completion rate itself by 53.56%.

“The personalization scenarios helped us tackle one of our biggest challenges, increasing the number of test drives applications, monthly. With these personalized scenarios like exit intent overlays and contextual banners, our sign-ups improved by a whopping 50%. We love how Insider provides us with a feature-rich platform, helping us improve online experiences continuously.”

Mert Alpkocak
Digital Marketing Specialist