Leading hotel search engine platform increases click-through rate by 11.76% with A/B testing

About Neredekal.com

Founded in 2007, Neredekal.com is a leading hotel search engine platform where users can search, review, and compare great deals in more than 14,000 hotels. As a popular tourism portal, Neredekal.com enjoys more than 40 million visitors per year.
Call-to-Action Optimization
Neredekal.com designed a personalized overlay message shown on hotel listing and detail pages. Two call to action buttons (CTAs) were presented on the overlay, directing users to a hotel booking page and giving them the option to place a call. However, having two options on the overlay resulted in the phone call option bringing 10 to 12 times more revenue compared to the redirects to hotel booking pages. Neredekal.com wanted to test whether removing the overlay message would drive more conversions and revenue. 
Data-backed Decision Making with A/B Testing
Using Insider’s A/B testing technology, Neredekal.com tested how the site performed with and without the overlay with two CTAs and decided to remove the overlay message from the hotel listing and details pages. 

Rocketing Results

When the overlay message was removed, the click-through-rate to hotel booking pages increased by 11,76%, creating more revenue for Neredekal.com compared to the previous version of the site.

“Insider always helps us quickly spot our problems and take action in minutes. Their website layout optimization and A/B testing features are instrumental in continuously optimizing experiences and delivering super relevant messages to visitors, based on real-time data. We have seen a significant increase in booking revenues and believe that Insider will always be at the center of our digital strategy.”

Cagdas Polat

Marketing Manager

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