myToys increases click-through rate by 41% with gamification

About myToys

Founded in Germany in 1999, myToys is a leading destination for everything that makes kids and families happy. The online retailer sells a huge selection of toys and games, as well as baby equipment, maternity wear, childrenswear, furnishings, and more. Based in Germany, myToys serves customers across multiple countries via its website and also has 17 physical stores in its home country.
Everyone’s a Winner

myToys Russia decided to celebrate its birthday by giving its customers a treat. The company created a special birthday landing page, where customers were shown a “Wheel of Fortune”. When they spun the wheel, they were randomly presented with one of four different prize offers that the company was keen to test out:

Free delivery
A 10% discount voucher
Gift A
Gift B

This A/B/n test was run across web and mobile web, with the aim of discovering what made customers convert. Coupon codes for the prizes were automatically added to customers’ shopping carts, so the customer effort required to claim the prize was minimal. 

Getting to Know Your Customers

If they want to stay ahead of the competition, online retailers must continually learn about their customers’ needs and preferences and make sure they’re serving them. Finding out what visitors respond to best is key to unlocking the value of a website, and this can be achieved through testing.

myToys Russia wanted to increase its conversion rates, and gain valuable insights into what makes their customers tick, so they turned to Insider for help! 


The promotion had a phenomenal click-through rate of 41%, showing that the gamification of customer offers is hugely popular. The best performing offer was the 10% discount, followed by the free delivery. Overall, this promotion resulted in a 17.19% uplift in conversions.

“Fun is at the center of what we do, and this test showed that customers respond well to promotions that fit in the with the feel of our brand. We’ve got loads of ideas for more tests to run, and using Insider, they’ll be simple to implement. We were delighted with the results. Learning about our customers and optimizing our activities accordingly is a process that will never end. We’re happy to be taking this exciting journey with Insider; we know we’re in safe hands!”

Ksenia Rodionova

Head of Platform Development

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