Monster Notebook reduces return on ad spend by 2.9X with AI-backed remarketing

We’re so glad about the 2.9X ROAS growth that we reached using Insider’s Predictive Ad Audience on our Google ads, which has a significant share of our marketing budget.


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About Monster Notebook

Monster Notebook is a personal computer brand, using state-of-the-art components for speed and performance. Monster Notebook specialized in creating extraordinary user experience based on high speed, storage, and performance products.

With its distinct product categories, Monster Notebook has become a favorite brand amongst a large demographic, from savvy millennials to tech entrepreneurs and game enthusiasts, and anyone who seeks high performance and capacity for their work.

About Sempeak

Founded in 2011, Sempeak is a digital performance agency that provides services in PPC, SEO and Analytics to leading brands in several industries. Sempeak joined forces with Monster Notebook in June 2014, and, since then, has been providing consulting services that have seen this partnership achieve unparalleled results.

Targeting visitors who are more likely to buy

Monster Notebook wanted better understand the behaviors of their online visitors, differentiating them according to their likelihood to convert in the near future to further prioritize those with a high probability of making a purchase. Understanding their visitors’ behaviors, and segmenting them into specific categories, was crucial to better tailor Monster Notebook’s remarketing campaigns and, consequently, increase their ROAS GDN.

Letting predictive segmentation work its magic

Sempeak entered the game leveraging Insider’s AI-backed Predictive Ad Audiences (PAA) audience lists. Alongside Insider’s PAA audience groups, Sempeak also resorted to audiences from Google Analytics, such as certain event-performers, and smart lists, for example, and Google Ads, such as cart addition and product viewers, for instance.

During a 13-month period, all selected audiences were integrated with more than 10 ad groups each containing different sets of creatives within different campaigns. For a healthy and objective comparison, during that period, all ad groups comprising of the same sets of creatives were targeted using two sets of remarketing lists.

The outcome was unmatched! Between July 2017 and August 2018, Monster Notebook’s Google Display Remarketing campaigns saw a 2.9X ROAS growth, using Insider’s AI-backed Predictive Ad Audiences, where PAA created remarketing lists with high purchase intent for Sempeak’s team to use on Google Ads.


After 13 months of partnership, the Google Display Remarketing campaign that used the remarketing lists provided by Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences resulted in

- 65% decrease of cost per conversion (CPA),

- 440% increase in conversion rate (CR),

- 10% increase in average order value (AOV),

- 2.9x increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS),

compared to the campaign that used the remarketing lists from Google Analytics and Google Ads with dynamic parameters.

“We all know that potential customers tend to compare and review several products from different brands in detail during their purchasing stages. So being able to differentiate qualified potential customers that visited our website at least once and to remind them of our brand on their purchase funnel is significantly important for us. Our common goal with Sempeak is to differentiate the most qualified potential customers and reach primarily these targeted customer groups using Google Display Network. We’re so glad about the 2.9X ROAS growth that we reached using Insider’s Predictive Ad Audience on our Google ads, which has a significant share of our marketing budget. I believe that we will achieve a lot more in collaboration with Sempeak and Insider.”

Kayra Keri Kupcu

Monster Notebook Corporate Communications Manager

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