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About Medpets

Medpets is an online shop focused on animal health, offering a wide range of high-quality products for all kinds of pets. They sell veterinary medicines, food supplements, diet food, and care products for your dogs, cats, horses, small animals, birds, fish, garden animals, and farm animals online. They also have a veterinarian or a paraveterinarian available for expert advice for users who visit the website with questions or concerns. was founded in 2008 and was the first in the Netherlands to start offering a wide range of veterinary medicines, nutritional supplements, diet food, and pet care products online.

Decreasing cart abandonment using triggered web push notifications

Medpets wanted to decrease the number of users abandoning their carts. It is common for pet owners to visit various websites to compare products, but Medpets wanted a compelling way to bring them back to the website to complete their purchase

After consulting with the Insider team, Medpets deployed the cart abandonment web push. If someone who has accepted the web push opt-in leaves the website without making a purchase, and there is still something in their shopping cart, a web push notification will pop up, even if they are on another website or doing something else on their device.

The Result?

The cart abandonment web push notifications were very impactful for Medpets, with these notifications getting a conversion rate uplift 11.6%, with web push opt-in rates of 15%.

Increasing trust in the brand through social proof

Medpets wanted a dependable way to encourage users to purchase from them, while also increasing their conversion rates.

Insider suggested adding “conversion boosters” to convince shoppers. One such conversion booster is the social proof feature. This was also A/B tested with the use of dog and cat emojis.

The Result?

Insider’s social proof effectively convinced shoppers, leading to an uplift in Average Order Value of 6.99%.

Increasing average order value using a purchase progress bar

Medpets wanted to entice their customers to shop more from them and increase the average cart value.

Insider helped Medpets deploy another “conversion booster”, a purchase progress bar. This bar shows progress as the user adds items to their cart, and offers rewards for different levels of progress such as a free gift, and a free delivery after a specific amount of products has been added.

The Result?
This engaging feature delivered a Average Order Value Uplift of 12.57%.

Promoting weather-dependent products using a banner

Some weather conditions ask for special products for pets. For instance, when it’s cold a dog might need a coat or if it’s warm the dog may need cooling products. Medpets wanted to promote these kinds of products from their online store.

Using predictive segmentation, Medpets displayed a banner
that showed the weather and temperature based on a visitor’s location. This was useful in promoting weather-dependent products.

The Result?

This resulted in a small improvement in conversion rates of 1.02%.

Improving a user’s confidence in the products using reviews

Medpets wanted another solution to effectively encourage visitors to purchase from them and improve conversion rates and AOV.

Insider’s team suggested the use of reviews from other customers on the product page. This was used to convince customers about the genuineness and credibility of the products, the brands, and the store.

The Result?

This was an effective solution that resulted in an uplift in conversion rates of 11.2%.

Looking Ahead

Medpets are keen on trying Insider’s WhatsApp messaging feature in the future. They also want to use Insider to focus on growth in their main markets, namely the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

“Insider’s team has consistently offered us personalized support whenever we needed it. They have been focused on our growth and we have been able to rely on them completely for helping our business. The products work wonders for us, and in our collaboration with them so far, the experience has been entirely positive.”

Paul Elsten

Marketing Manager, Medpets

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