Mediamarkt uplifts conversion rate by 5.10% with web push notifications

Thanks to Insider, we're gaining deeper insights into customer behavior and improving every aspect of the customer journey, from first landing to purchase.


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About MediaMarkt

Founded in 1979, Media Markt is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer. With more than 800 stores across 14 countries, the Media Markt brand is synonymous with the latest products in consumer electronics, telecommunications, photography, entertainment, software, and household appliances, all at affordable prices.
Tackling Cart Abandonment

Getting users to add an item to their shopping cart may be challenging, but it’s only the half the battle. The other half is minimizing cart abandonment, a common roadblock for conversions and an issue that Media Markt, like many other retailers, needed to address. Media Markt wanted to reduce their cart abandonment rates but didn’t want to rely solely on customers checking their emails to generate repeat visits and increase sales. What Media Markt needed was a smarter marketing strategy that prompted a greater response and immediate action.

The Latest in Digital Marketing Technology

Web push notification is a new and must-use marketing channel for brands looking to increase engagement and conversion rates. Bringing the advantages of mobile push notification to websites, web push notification delivers messages to a user’s device even when the website is not open in the browser, and without requiring email subscription. Insider’s omnichannel personalization platform helps marketers send the right message to the right user at the right time, increasing customer engagement and consequently conversion rates.

Web Push Notification as a Reminder

Visitors who added an item to their basket were delivered a web push notification if they hadn’t proceeded to the checkout page within one minute. The web push message was intended to remind those visitors that they had left their basket and direct them to complete their purchase, whether they were still visiting or had moved on to another website.


Insider’s web push notification technology helped Media Markt convert many
more visitors into customers, achieving a 5.10% uplift in conversion rate.

“Insider has been a great partner for Media Markt. Now we are gaining deeper insights into customer behavior and have the ability to improve every aspect of the customer journey, from first landing to eventual purchase. It’s amazing to see hundreds of visitors coming back to our site after we send the notification. Web push notification is definitely more effective than email marketing.”

Vitaliy Panarin

Digital Marketing Director

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