Martes Sport achieves 30X ROI with web personalization

Our conversion rates and AOV have tremendously improved since we started using Insider’s desktop and mobile web solutions.


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About Martes Sport

Martes Sport Group is a leading sports goods conglomerate that manufactures, distributes and retails sports equipment in Central and Eastern European markets. The company employs over 3,000 people and has more than 350 stores across Poland and abroad. Martes Sport concentrates its activities on running large-scale sports stores located in popular shopping centers. These stores are supplemented with Hi-Tec and Elbrus outlets as well as Aquawave and Elbrus brand stores along with the rapidly growing Internet sales.

Personalizing user journeys and improved product discovery with image overlays

How do you create personalized onsite engagement and promote easier product discovery? This was one of the biggest challenges for Martes Sport. The company was looking for ways to improve user journeys, make them more friendly and personalize the user experience across their onsite engagement.

Working together with Insider the team at Martes Sport began incorporating Insider’s Image Overlays into their onsite campaigns. These overlays helped promote product categories and improve product visibility to visitors.

Insider’s website overlays made product discovery seamless by promoting trending products and categories.

In just a month, Martes Sport achieved a 10.3% uplift in clicks and a 6.6% increase in conversion rates.

Encouraging new visitors to sign up using lead generation overlay + discount code

Martes Sport was looking to increase its new user sign up rate by optimizing the lead generation strategy. They realized that the right kind of engagement would improve new user sign up rates.

Having understood the challenge and the desired goal, Insider’s Account Management suggested that Martes Sport incorporate onsite lead generation overlays.

These overlays would encourage new visitors to sign up for the newsletter by offering a discount coupon via email.

Using this onsite lead generation overlay, Martes Sport was able to enhance its new visitor experience and optimize lead generation efforts by incentivizing new users to subscribe to the newsletter.

Overall, Martes Sport achieved a CTR of 13.4% and a 2% uplift in CTR.

Using individualized recommendations to boost AOV and Revenue-Per-User

Martes Sport concluded that their onsite user engagement could be drastically improved with the help of user-based recommendations. Customers who are engaged with personalized recommendations tend to display higher Average Order Value (AOV) and a higher Revenue -Per -User. These were metrics Martes Sport wanted to optimize.

Insider helped Martes Sport with this challenge using its AI-powered Smart Recommender—a powerful contextualized recommendations engine that is targeted at enabling product discovery and increasing onsite engagement. Martes Sport employed this recommendation strategy across its desktop and mobile web campaigns.

As a result of the recommendation campaigns, Martes Sport achieved an overall uplift of 78.37% on Revenue-from-Clicks. Furthermore, the brand also achieved an uplift of 6.27% on Revenue-Per-User after click.

Engaging returning users who abandoned their carts, through segmentation

Martes Sport realized that engaging returning visitors who had abandoned their carts earlier was necessary to improve conversion rates on the cart page. They were looking for an innovative way to engage this user segmentation.

Insider suggested the use of Top Notifications—a feature powered by Insider’s AI-based segmentation—to engage these returning users. These Top Notifications, an onsite experimentation tool, were customized based on Insider’s micro segmentation of “returning users who abandoned their cart”.

Martes Sport achieved a 22.24% increase in the number of users who revisited the cart page. Overall, this resulted in a 4.85% uplift in Conversion Rate.

Improving AOV with the help of triggered splash screens on product and checkout pages

Martes Sport felt that the best way to improve Average Order Value (AOV) was to present the customer with relevant add-ons at the right touch points during the purchase journey. They also wanted to present these add-on product suggestions in a highly engaging and hard-to-miss manner.

Insider suggested the use of onsite Splash Screens—an interactive onsite overlay based on triggers—to engage the users through product suggestions aimed at cross selling and upselling. A user who added a shoe to the cart would trigger a Splash Screen that would suggest matching pairs of socks. Or a reminder at the checkout page with a Splash Screen to buy a mask.

These overlays drove a 13.52% uplift in Average Order Value (AOV) in just under a month.

Promoting product categories and accessories onsite for improved user attention and engagement

Martes Sport figured out that the best way to promote certain product categories and/or accessories was to create user engagement for those on the homepage.

After evaluating the desired goals, Insider suggested the use of its homepage Top Bar—a website banner displayed on top of the page—that would showcase certain product categories and accessories to users, based on their preferences. Martes Sport could further customize these Top Bars with incentives such as discounts to entice users to click on them.

The Top Bar campaigns drove a 30.77% uplift in Conversion Rates.

Looking Ahead

Going forward , the global sports brand will work closely with Insider to incorporate the full range of its AI-powered technologies into their onsite engagement.

Martes Sport will rely on Insider’s powerful AI-backed segmentation capabilities to improve their onsite customer engagement—by micro-segmenting users based on dynamic attributes. This will, in turn, enable Martes Sport to deliver highly individualized engagement to visitors.

One of the key areas where this will play a critical role will be in optimizing the checkout funnel. Martes Sport will employ dynamic attributes to deliver relevant messaging to users during the checkout process to improve conversions and increase Average Order Value.

Martes Sport also intends to explore onsite notifications with dynamic attributes to engage visitors with messaging that is based on their unique activity and search intent. This will optimize session duration as well as improve conversion rates.

“Our Conversion Rates and Average Order Value (AOV) has improved tremendously since we started using Insider’s desktop and mobile web solutions. One of our major challenges was engaging returning visitors who had previously abandoned their carts and get them to complete their purchase. Using Insider’s segmentation based triggered Top Notification we were able to target these specific users and improve our Conversion Rates by 4.8%. Furthermore, the use of triggered Splash Screen overlays on our product and checkout pages helped us improve our AOV by more than 13%. Insider’s platform certainly delivers on its personalization promise. We are also evaluating other tools by Indsider to help optimize our onsite engagement strategies.”

Przemysław Golba

Head of eCommerce

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