Marabraz improves website conversions & engagement using personalized onsite overlays, storyline and WhatsApp messaging

The results from Insider’s onsite recommendation strategy and added segmentation capabilities took us by surprise. It was better than the highest metrics we’ve achieved from our previous tools.


improvement in website scoring Onsite Recommendation


conversion rate uplift Exit-Intent Overlays


higher conversion rate than website average WhatsApp Messaging

About Marabraz

Marabraz is a leading Brazilian brand specialized in the sale of furniture. Currently has over 120 stores in São Paulo (capital), Baixada Santista, Vale do Paraíba and other cities in the state.

Founded in: 1987

Numbers of stores: 120+

Operates in: São Paulo (capital), Baixada Santista

Improving onsite recommendation metrics for a more personalized onsite customer experience

Marabraz wanted to improve the overall onsite recommendation experience. They were looking for a tool that would help improve the onsite recommendations metrics and also optimize the site load time.

>The team at Insider implemented a head-to-head test against Chaordic using Smart Recommender with a 50/50 cookie split across five pages. Additionally, the account managers at Insider optimized the site load time and provided improved customer journeys using deep segmentation. Smart Recommender will enable Marabraz to push recommendations not only on the website, but also on web push, InStory, exit-intent banner, email and much more, which was previously not possible.

Marabraz achieved a 1.45% increase in conversion rate and a 1.36% increase in average session duration. In addition, Marabraz observed a 33% improvement in the desktop lighthouse performance scoring.

Improving new user activation rates with exit-intent overlays

Marabraz noticed that a large number of their first time visitors to the website would leave without signing up or completing a purchase. They wanted to improve the new user activation rate and realized they needed a proven solution to retain visitors who showed signs of leaving the website.

The growth consultants at Insider, having understood the challenges, suggested the user of an exit-intent overlay on the product page. The exit-intent overlay would show up on the screen when a user moved to leave the website—by offering a discount coupon on the overlay, users are motivated to stay and continue with their purchase.

Marabraz observed a 3.29% uplift in conversions rate from these exit-intent campaigns as compared to the control group who were not a part of this campaign.

Engaging first-time visitors as soon as they arrive with a story-line

Marabraz wanted to engage users who were visiting the website for the first time immediately. They were looking for a solution that would help them deliver personalized recommendations to grab the attention and engage visitors as soon as they landed on the website.

The team at Insider understood the goals and recommended the use of the InStory feature on the website. InStory is an interactive product recommendation feature that shows up on top of the website as a story line. Marabraz could use this feature to engage each user with a line up of product recommendations that was personalized and interactive.

Marabraz observed a conversion rate uplift of 3% from the InStory campaign as compared to the control group who did not see InStory on the website. Visitors were engaged right from the start and the average session duration improved significantly.

Reducing cart abandonment with automated workflow & WhatsApp messaging

Marabraz wanted to reduce the cart abandonment rate and was looking for a solution that would help them implement automated workflows with the highest effectiveness for cart abandonment.

The growth consultants at Insider realized the challenge and worked out a solution that made use of WhatsApp to combat cart abandonment as it was a channel with the highest conversion rate.

• User opt-ins were captured via an onsite template (an opt-in is required before users can be contacted via WhatsApp)

• An automated cart abandonment flow was triggered when a user abandons their cart

• These users receive a whatsapp message reminding them of their cart items

Marabraz got over 20k subscribers for WhatsApp communication and achieved a conversion rate that was 2X higher than the website average.

Looking Ahead

Marabraz will look into using Architect, Insider’s journey orchestration tool, to complement the existing web push channels. They aim to optimize the onsite personalization experience with web push by sending the right message to the right users at the right time. In addition to web push, Marabraz will leverage Architect to target users through email — creating and delivering personalized experiences across both website and email channels.

Marabraz will also explore emerging messaging channels, such as Facebook Messenger, to engage their customers with the most relevant experiences in personalization. 

“The results from Insider’s onsite recommendation strategy and added segmentation capabilities took us by surprise. It was better than the highest metrics we’ve achieved from our previous tools.”

Davi Frate

Head of Digital Marketing

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