M Video increases average order value and drives 18,277 more sales with personalization

About M.Video

Operating in Russia since 1993, M.Video is one of the leading European consumer electronics retail chains and the biggest omni-channel retailer in Russia. Running 379 brand name stores in 161 Russian cities, M.Video offers its customers approximately 20,000 SKUs of audio/video, digital, small and large home appliances, media and entertainment products as well as accessories.
Making confident purchase decisions
85% of visitors read product reviews before making a purchase and 79% take those reviews as personal suggestions, which demonstrates the potential of customer reviews for increasing conversion rates. Customer reviews are naturally occurring marketing contents and can be used as confirmation to show that a product is well-received by customers. The main question is: How can brands ensure that their visitors view the most valuable reviews which will make it easier to select the product they are interested in? 
Utilizing positive customer reviews
The semantic analytics capability of Insider’s platform helps brands make use of their customer reviews in the best possible way. Detecting negative keywords and understanding when a review is negative, the innovative technology of Insider enables companies to leverage positive brand awareness among their potential customers. This way brands are able to display the relevant and affirmative reviews, boosting customers’ confidence in purchasing. 
With Insider’s customer review personalization, M.Video was able to help its visitors make faster purchase decisions with confidence, achieving a 5.84% conversion rate uplift, 1.53% increase in average order value and 18,277 extra sales.

“Insider’s advanced segmentation technology and personalization solutions help us improve our customer experience strategy. Now we are able to identify important pain points and optimize customer journeys, testing every step of the customer experience and altering how we engage our customers. We are completely happy with the results we get from revealing positive customer reviews and looking forward to implement various campaigns in the future.”

Mikhail Morozov

Head of Product Management Team

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