LC Waikiki uplifts conversion rate by 11.31% with personalized recommendations

About LC Waikiki

One of the biggest retailers in Europe, LC Waikiki has almost 600 stores in 28 countries. The company offers affordable fashion, with the motto “everybody deserves to dress well”. In LC Waikiki stores, customers are presented with a wide range of products for the whole family. From regular wear to nightwear, underwear, sportswear, shoes, and accessories, LC Waikiki’s inventory includes everything required to meet their customers’ casual-wear needs.
Making Sense of Huge Data Sets

LC Waikiki had implemented and tested recommendation engines from multiple blue-chip vendors but the results were not satisfactory. Furthermore, the recommendations were solely based on a “people who bought this also bought this” strategy, rather than a truly personal approach towards its customers., the company’s top-performing sales channel, generates an enormous volume of visitor traffic which, combined with a huge wealth of product inventory information, translates into very large and complex data sets to traverse.

LC Waikiki wasn’t content with the testing methods used to measure the performance of recommendations, as they were not able to deliver clear results.

Making Recommendations More Relevant

Insider’s personalized recommendation engine Smart Recommender analyzes users’ on-site behaviors and makes recommendations, predicting the products that visitors are most likely to engage with. Machine-learning technology streamlines unstructured user data to create meaningful patterns and identifies the true intent of customers. This enables personalized recommendations for each customer based on their relationships with products and their resemblance to other users. The intelligent algorithms constantly learn and adapt to changing user behavior, increasing the relevancy of recommendations over time.

Even with massive product inventories, Smart Recommender was able to consolidate such data and make sense out of it, creating customer profiles in order to deliver compelling and relevant content to consumers.

The built-in A/B/n testing capability of Insider’s personalization platform was exactly what LC Waikiki was looking for to be able to test their recommendations on a grounded base. With its A/B/n testing module, Insider helped LC Waikiki determine the actual monetary uplift generated, measuring the effectiveness of recommendations against a control group. 


Upon implementation of Smart Recommender, LC Waikiki started to deliver more personalized shopping experiences to its individual customers which resulted in higher conversion rates. With Smart Recommender, LC Waikiki has been able to achieve an 11.31% conversion rate uplift.

“Since we were already integrated with Insider’s personalization platform, we started using Smart Recommender without any further integration and minimal investment. The results were amazing and it was the first time we were able to test the performance of recommendations the way we wanted to. Insider is a true business partner that acts with our interests in mind, helping us to grow our key metrics and increase our bottom line.”

Salih Yılmaz

eCommerce Director

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