European luxury brand increases return on ad spend with likelihood to purchase segment


Being one of Europe’s prominent luxury brands, the company has been actively operating since early 1970s. Starting their online stores in 2011, the brand’s eCommerce website attracts thousands of upper middle class millennials every day.
Reaching Out the Right Visitors
Realizing that 16% of the site’s traffic came from display campaigns, the company wanted to optimize the value of their Google display ad campaigns. Before working with Insider, the company invested a major part of their marketing budgets in Google Adwords and the ROI achieved didn’t compensate for the expenses and effort. 
Optimizing Ad Spend with Predictive Segmentation
With the help of Insider’s predictive segmentation technologies, the brand wanted to achieve a higher ROI for their ad campaigns. In the first scenario, a segment with a high likelihood to purchase score was pushed into Adwords and leveraged for dynamic remarketing campaigns. In another campaign, a non-predictive segment without likelihood scoring was targeted and the results were compared to optimize Adwords campaigns. 

Targeting Right, Winning Big

Insider’s Ad Audience product was used to leverage likelihood segmentation in Google Adwords campaigns and the efficiency of the campaign was measured by comparing ROAS metrics.

The result was a notable 239% uplift in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) compared to the non-predictive campaign. With Insider’s predictive marketing technologies, the luxury brand managed to deliver relevant content to visitors, while driving revenues by optimizing ad spend.

“Insider’s disruptive predictive technology produced highly impressive results for us and I think the way we use digital advertising is transformed forever. We optimized our digital marketing budget and efforts to a great extent. Now, our goal is to leverage predictive segmentation further to optimize all aspects of our marketing activities.”

Marketing Director

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