Retailer optimizes ad spend and drives quality leads with predictive segments


The clothing apparel company has been around for more than 40 years and has more than 1300 physical stores around the globe. The brand’s eCommerce sales is available on 30 native websites, which are home to a great deal of online traffic everyday.
Turning Facebook Ad Traffic Into Purchases
The brand has been spending the biggest part of their marketing budget for digital ads, namely Facebook ads. The digital marketing executives realized that although Facebook ads bring a lot of visitors to eCommerce websites, very little of that traffic results in conversion. Despite being a relatively expensive channel, Facebook was the one place where the least conversion happened amongst all channels. 
Prospecting through Likelihood to Purchase Scoring
Using Insider’s predictive segmentation technologies, the brand wanted to increase the conversion rates from Facebook ad campaigns and optimize their ad spend. The brand was able to segment Facebook audiences who have a higher likelihood to purchase score and the audiences who had a similar online behaviour to them. The company was also able to use Facebook’s Lookalike Models to deliver more relevant ad experiences to potential customers who had never been to their website, but who had similar online behaviour to those who have a high likelihood to purchase score. 

381% Uplift in Conversion Rate by Leveraging Predictive Segments on Facebook Ad Campaigns

The brand achieved a 381% conversion rate uplift on their sales from Facebook Ad Campaigns, which is their major channel for digital advertising. The campaign was the first time when the brand achieved higher conversion rates on the same ad budget. Also with Facebook’s Lookalike Model, the company was able to acquire new customers through a single campaign.

“I was personally amazed to see this Facebook ad campaign produce such profitable results. I realized we didn’t really make full advantage of our digital ad campaigns before using predictive segmentation technologies. Insider’s marketing consultants and account managers continuously made suggestions about bid management and regularly tracked to help optimize the performance of the campaign. With small changes at the course of the campaign, we achieved 3.8 times higher conversion rates and acquired new customers. The result absolutely stunned me!”

Head of eCommerce Operations

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