KFC boosts conversion rate uplift by 5+%

About KFC

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, KFC Corporation is the world’s biggest chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Hot & Spicy, BBQ Honey Wings and Zinger Burger. More than 12 million customers are served at KFC restaurants every day, in 110 countries around the world. KFC’s menu includes the Original Recipe chicken – made with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices that Colonel Harland Sanders created more than half a century ago. Customers around the globe can also enjoy more than 300 other products – from Buffalo Wings in the US to Cod fish burgers in China.

About KFC Hong Kong

KFC arrived in Hong Kong in 1985. Managed by Birdland Limited since 1997, it has over 60 branches throughout the territory, with a team of more than 3,000 employees. It serves over 1.5 million customers each month. Out of the menu offered, the Original Recipe, Hot & Spicy, BBQ Honey Wings, Zinger Burger, Mushroom Rice and Egg Tart are the most popular KFC offerings.

KFC reduced homepage drop-offs by 13% using Insider’s real-time personalized notifications

With ever-increasing market competition and a penetration of Food Aggregators, retaining and encouraging users to convert directly was proving to be an ever-growing challenge. With choices galore available to customers at the tap of a phone, it was difficult to create brand loyalty.

KFC aimed to enhance and personalize its customers’ digital experience, in order to drive digital growth. The partnership with Insider opened the door to a tightly woven, highly targeted user experience for KFC customers across its website. The brand became better equipped to turn agile enough to create personalized scenarios at scale targeting. They were able to target and influence customers across their user journey whenever they were navigating its website.


Insider analyzed KFC’s online website and found that the frequency of user drop-off on their site was due to several competitive food options available. In order to reactivate and re-engage users on-time and effectively, KFC used Insider’s web push feature that triggered pop-up notifications immediately after users abandoned its webpage or proceeded to checkout other food delivery providers.

Insider was able to target browsing subscribers versus those who were inactive, and also used content that created an urgency for users to convert.

The AI-powered personalized campaign allowed KFC to reduce drop-offs of users who have browsed their website. This resulted in a +5% increase in conversion rates, with an uplift click-through rate of +9%.

When Optimizing a Customer’s Browsing Journey - Less is More

Before Insider came on board, the KFC website showed multiple pop-ups to users while they were browsing. This led to higher drop-off and bounce rates from the Homepage, which, in turn, resulted in lower conversion rates.

Insider recommended that the company optimizes the browsing experience for users when they first land on its website by reducing the number of pop-up notifications. 

What Insider Did
Shifted KFC’s hygiene message to the bottom of the screen, so that: 

1) Users were still able to see the alert without it hindering their browsing experience.

2) Prioritize the booking widget, so that it is not affected by other messages.

Digital transformation is crucial for KFC in the Asia Pacific region to ensure resiliency, sustainability and continued consumer demand for its products, post-COVID-19.

KFC continues to focus on its strategy of digital innovation, in order to implement ways to improve its conversion rates. Unpredictable stay-at-home restrictions have made it even more crucial to build strong customer loyalty and continue driving purchases.

“We acknowledge the efforts of the growth management team at Insider, as they were able to recognise our needs and meet them with lightweight implementation throughout the integration process. Also, this was achieved in a matter of days. Their hands-on approach showed exceptionally positive results. It proved very insightful in driving growth, starting from our first campaign and generating great value from this collaboration.”

Matthew Chan

Group Chief Digital Officer KFC

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