How Inter Cars increased mobile conversions and engagement

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Inter Cars wanted an easy to integrate marketing platform that would help them create and effectively track customer journeys.
The team at Inter Cars  started using Insider’s Smart Recommender and Triggered Push Notifications to deliver personalized experiences to customers.

30% increase in mobile conversions

Long-Term plan is to work towards increasing conversions on the website.


I’M Inter Motors is a brand of Inter Cars dedicated to motorcycles: clothes, parts, and accessories. They have the biggest network of 40 retail stores in Poland and the eCommerce platform Their ethos is “customer value proposition through well-stocked stores and fast e-commerce”.

Every customer is different. Inter Cars wanted to understand their customer journeys

The challenge facing Inter Cars was creating and effectively tracking customer journeys. Inter Cars realized the need for tailor-made experiences in order to win customer attention and retain loyalty.

Each customer is different with a variety of needs” says Jakub Gierszyński, eCommerce and Marketing Director at Inter Cars. Adding to this the variety of devices used by customers; personalized marketing was a challenge.

How do customers end their purchase journey? Online or offline?

Inter Cars needed an easy to integrate platform that would help manage real-time marketing and customer data—an all in one platform with an easy and intuitive interface. 

In order to deliver truly personalized experiences, Inter Cars needed to know how a customer would finish his/her shopping journey. Would it be via eCommerce or their retail stores?

Insider’s Solution

Insider’s platform helped track a lot of touch-points such as session information, previous purchase, geo-localization and device types, Using Insider’s recommendations engine – Smart Recommender, and visitor-intent identification tool, Inter Cars was able to recommend the most convenient way for customers to complete their purchase.

Creating a smooth user journey by identifying visitor-intent and geolocation 

The team at Inter Cars worked closely with Insider to implement a smooth user-journey that woked by identifying user-intent, helped users find relevant products and smart recommendations based on user behavior and proximity of the nearest store to provide each user with the most convenient way for them to complete their purchase.

Looking Ahead

Over the next 3 months, Inter Cars plan to increase the sales conversion of their website by 15% and on mobile devices by 30%. Using Insider desktop web and mobile web push along with AI-powered Smart Recommender, Inter Cars aims to understand each unique customer, engage them with contextual recommendations and pave the way for a smooth and convenient purchase journey..


We needed a fast change in mobile user experience, identify visitor intent, nudge product discovery, and a smart recommendation engine. Insider introduced me to Maven. At first, we thought it was too good to be true. Then we made a few inquiries and reached my friends at Decathlon who use Insider as well. Decathlon had only praises for Insider and confirmed the successful partnership they have. We are in the initial phase of our partnership with Insider and I’m quite pleased with the level of attention to detail and service attitude of our account manager.”

Jakub Gierszyński

eCommerce and Marketing Director at Inter Cars