With Insider’s web push and journey orchestration, IKEA generates one-third more revenue than with email marketing

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Uplift in Conversion Rate


Test group expanded For the winning scenario

About IKEA

IKEA is an internationally known home furnishing retailer.

The brand opened its first store in 1958 in Malmhult, Sweden.

The IKEA brand unites thousands of co-workers and hundreds of companies owned by different companies around the world. A franchise system guides the business, with 12 franchisees operating in 54 markets that constantly develop the brand in conjunction with the franchisor and the rest of the business.

A unique business model and value chain are how IKEA meets the needs of customers. 

Reducing cart abandonment and driving traffic through personalized web push

IKEA wanted to notify users of new products and offers to drive traffic to their pages with low engagement. Many of their customers expressed interest in a product but failed to buy it. To combat these challenges, they wanted to deliver personalized engagement.

The Insider team recommended leveraging the power of Architect (custom journey builder) to target and engage cart abandoners over a 45-minute, 24-hour, and 72-hour time frame through a Web Push strategy.

Even though Web Push has been used only for one year, now it generates ⅓ of the revenue that email marketing brings in comparison, and email has existed in the company for 20+ years.

Cart Abandonment solutions produced outstanding results and highlighted how it’s essential to follow up with users. The second push in 24 hours demonstrated the highest CTR and brought the highest revenue results among the three pushes in the journey. Without follow-up communication, IKEA would have lost those sales.

Driving sales for the top 500 products using social proof

IKEA wanted to boost the engagement and sales of its top 500 products. To achieve this, they needed a solution that could engage users on these pages and encourage them to purchase as soon as possible.

The growth consultants at Insider recommended the use of social proof messaging on the product pages to drive conversions. The brand tested multiple variations of their social proof messaging on the top 500 product pages to inform users about p popularity and induce FOMO to drive purchases.

IKEA observed a conversion rate uplift of 5% - 11% on this campaign compared to the control group of users who did not see any social proof messages.

Driving sales on specific products using Insider’s onsite experimentation tool

IKEA wanted to drive sales for specific product categories. They realized the way to do this was to provide users with unique reasons to purchase this product.

For this particular need, the team at Insider advised IKEA on using an onsite experimentation tool on the product page. This tool would show the visitor a unique feature about the product to give customers a reason to purchase the product. IKEA created a test group to observe how this would impact the engagement.

IKEA observed that the winning scenarios gathered a lot of attention from the customers, and they expanded the test group to 100% with this scenario.

Looking Ahead

Soon, IKEA will look to improve the onsite experience for B2B customers, besides their regular sales, and explore ways to drive IKEA family products and benefits actively.

"We can recreate an individual approach already familiar to all our offline stores’ visitors on our website using Insider's platform. With Insider, IKEA simplifies the communication of our users with the brand and improves the customer experience on the website. Insider gave us the opportunity to easily test different hypotheses and implement new features without additional development. Taking into account the size of the company and our daily site traffic, IKEA did not have time for lengthy and complex solutions and integrations that would require heightened support from our internal IT team. That’s why we decided to start working with Insider. "

Denis Kozlikin


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