iBood increases average order value by 12% and reduces cart abandonment by 10%

About iBood

iBood abbreviation to ‘Internet’s Best Online Offer Daily’ and is Europe’s leading daily-deal​ provider with new offers every midnight. iBOOD offers the largest variety of products at the best prices on Consumer Electronics, Do-It-Yourself,  Sports & Fashion, Home & Living, among others.

Scaling Omnichannel Marketing And Optimizing User Experiences

Prior to embracing Insider’s Growth Management Platform, iBood used various single-purpose solutions to run unified campaigns. While at the outset this wasn’t an issue, it caused duplication of tasks, unnecessary workload, and a delay in reporting and analyzing data. This also meant using stand-alone technologies for product discovery, messaging, cross-channel engagement and a lot more work to synchronize omnichannel experiences for customers.

iBood was looking for a one-point solution that could streamline their processes by personalizing onsite experience, A/B test campaigns, apply smarter push notifications, recommend customized products and more.

The Solution: Delivering Personalized Customer Journeys & Measurable Results With Insider

As Europe’s leading daily-deal providers, iBood needed a platform that was intuitive, easy to use, test campaign strategies on the go and tweak content/campaigns with fewer resources. Speed and accuracy of deliverability were key. 

iBood adopted Insider’s AI-powered push notifications and Smart Recommender to recognize patterns, activities, and behavior of users to serve them relevant and optimized content. iBood was impressed with the segmentation and rule capabilities of Insider and how quickly they could adapt to the dashboard and create campaigns with pre-existing templates. 

10% Higher Conversions with Cart Recovery Web Push Notifications

For instance, users who showed interest in 55” LG TV were also shown relevant products in the same category, reviews from other buyers and, offered targeted discounts and interactive media like Gifs to complement images and product descriptions that ensured better engagement and conversion. 

Insider’s email automation has also helped us stay more engaged and brings record breaking traffic to our sites during our quarterly HUNT events. The collection banner has also helped us increase our subscriber base.

This level of personalization and targeting increased product discovery, relevance and contributed to a massive uplift in conversion rate by 9% and average order value (AOV) by 12%.

iBood’s cart abandonment reduced by 10% as a result of winning over increased subscribers and reaching out to them through the right channels at the right time. Today, iBood enjoys a massive click-through-rate (CTR) uplift of 12% from its subscribers.

Looking Ahead

To take their personalization strategy to the next level, iBood will continue to invest in the online experiences and make it a priority. Tailored experiences and recommending the right products to their visitor groups and individual shoppers are key to staying relevant and top-of-mind.

iBood will also explore how to use different tactics like mobile app messaging, segmented web push notifications and online advertising to constantly enhance customer engagements with their brand.

“Insider’s team has been extremely helpful, detail-oriented and has helped us by monitoring data to enable us the level of success and growth across all our channels. In a short span we have been able to increase our AOV by 12% and reduce cart abandonment by 10%. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Insider and greater measurement of success. It’s possible!”

Lukas Jorissen

Chief Marketing Officer iBOOD.com

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