How Insider helped Hypermart increase their email open rates

About Hypermart

Hypermart is a hybrid department store and supermarket chain established in 1986. The chain sells food, household supplies, and electronics at affordable prices. Today, Hypermart has expanded to 200+ stores across Indonesia and keeps growing. 
Executive Summary

Hypermart adopted email marketing to build deeper relationships with their customers and prospects. However, they found a significant percentage of their contacts received Hypermart emails in their spam folders. Equipped with this information, both the Insider and the Hypermart teams came up with email marketing training, contact database cleansing, and other solutions to improve Hypermart’s email marketing success. Using Insider tools and strategies, the Indonesian supermarket and retail juggernaut saw an uplift in their email open and click-through rates.

Hypermart’s Journey with Insider

Email is a powerful marketing channel companies can use to build relationships with their customers. Recognizing this, Hypermart wanted to find a partner that could deliver personalized emails to millions of their customers at scale. 

With a handful of tech vendors proposing their email solutions to the Hypermart team, the features within Insider’s email products such as segmentation, A/B testing and stripo editor stood out alongside the team’s professionalism and knowledge. 

After the initial meeting with Insider, the Hypermart team had further concerns about integration time and complexity. Seeing Insider’s continuous support throughout onboarding, they experienced a quick and hassle-free integration.

Achieved a 13.03% in Email Open Rate with User Segmentation

The Insider team found that a significant percentage of Hypermart's contact databases never saw emails from the company because they landed in their spam folders. Email rates for Hypermart were low because the people who were meant to see them weren't.  

The Insider team recommended continuous contact cleansing to ensure an accurate and reachable database. Insider also suggested user engagement segmentation to target the contacts interested in the Hypermart brand and offerings.

Additionally, Insider provided two mini-workshops on email best practices and spam words to train the Hypermart team on sending more qualified and personalized emails. 

The Hypermart team witnessed a 0.36% uplift in click-through rates, reduced their bounce rate to 0.01%, and increased their email open rate to 13.03% from 8.35% in three months.

Up Next for Hypermart & Insider: Mobile App Solutions & Architect  

Hypermart and Insider have been partners for two years—in that time, and Hypermart has witnessed remarkable results. Given the partnership’s success, the hybrid supermarket and retail chain will use Insider’s mobile app solution to support their newly developed loyalty program app and has plans to integrate cross-channel experiences into their marketing mix with Architect, Insider’s customer journey orchestration tool. 


“We are delighted collaborating with Insider's team, and we look forward to exploring more of Insider's capabilities, enhancing our ability to deliver a more personalized email experience to our customers.”

Nadia Kartadinata

Marketing Communication Manager at PT. Matahari Putra Prima Tbk

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