How ITeSHOP successfully converted 11% of their customers using Timely Dynamic Product Reminders


As a unique multi-brand fashion house, I.T remains true to its history of innovation: bring together designers from across the world, showcase fresh styles and explore new markets to deliver the best of what fashion has to offer. I.T traces its beginnings back to the seeds of a simple idea: to cater the young individuals with a distinct sense of style. It all began in 1988 with a small, 200 square-foot shop featuring brands that were not readily available elsewhere in Hong Kong. The shop quickly established itself as a mecca for those with an eye for fresh, fun fashion.  The devoted following that grew from this has pushed the I.T Group on to increasing success and ensured that its name has become synonymous with young fashion at the cutting edge.

Insider’s web suite improves AOV through timely and effective cart reminders

I.T wanted to increase customer conversions and overall experience on their website to tackle the ever evolving digital trends in the market. They were looking for an expert platform to create and deliver individualized onsite engagement.

Working alongside Insider’s account managers, I.TeShop started using Insider’s Tab Talk and Exit Intent—to re-engage users who have opened multiple tabs and have gotten side-tracked. 

Web Push notifications were used to re-engage visitors. 

For the mobile users who intended to exit their page, an additional Add to Cart Button was also implemented.

The Tab Talk Cart Abandonment results were exceptional, showing a considerable uplift of 11% in conversation rate, and a 21% uplift in AOV. Furthermore the addition of an Add to Cart button had resulted in a staggering recovery of 52% of the users who intended to exit, reducing the overall bounce rate by 11%

Up Next for ITeshop and Insider’s Web Suite 

ITeShop will persist to improve user experience and their conversions along different stages of the funnel. Each campaign strategy and tech implementation proves crucial to driving revenue and overall success to their brand. They aspire to continue innovating as they represent and support leading multi-brands in their fashion house.

“Insider played a crucial role in improving audience engagement and helping maximise the functions of our website. From increasing conversions from cart abandonment to re-engaging inactive users, Insider’s resources and expertise have proven to be very beneficial, with promising results. We look forward to working with Insider in the long run and appreciate the team’s hard work and support throughout the recent market shifts.”

Giovanni Cirillo

eCommerce Director

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