6.85% conversion rate uplift with personalization solution for returning mobile site visitors

About Hangikredi

Founded in 2006, Hangikredi.com is Turkey’s first and leading online loan calculation platform. Serving over 30 million users per year, Hangikredi.com allows users to select from different types of loans, receive offers from more than 20 banks, and compare interest rates with a single click.
Replicating the Personal High Street Experience Online

When it comes to customer experience, financial institutions are catching up with the retail industry, which strives to ensure that visitors are provided the same experience across all channels. In order to offer equivalent experiences with businesses that have physical branches, online-only financial institutions are forced to improve online customer journeys, making the experience as personalized and relevant as possible. Given the rise in mobile usage, delivering a human experience through mobile devices is more essential than ever before.

Hangikredi.com wanted to increase loan application submissions on its mobile site, smoothing the path to conversion for its mobile customers. 

Returning visitors who searched for a certain loan amount and period on the Hangikredi.com mobile website. 
Serving an Impatient Audience

New and returning visitors differ in their needs during their encounters with a brand. An offer that only applies to new visitors may discourage returning visitors from further engagement. With its real-time analytics solution, Insider empowers brands to identify different visitor segments and understand their onsite behavior, helping them provide personalized and relevant content at the right time and place in visitors’ online journeys.

When it comes to mobile devices, time is of the essence and speed is king. Mobile customers are the least patient and they don’t like to be kept waiting. In order to remain competitive with their high street counterparts and generate mobile transactions, shortening visitors’ journeys is as important as having a mobile-optimized website.

Implemented Personalization
Returning visitors who had searched for a certain loan amount and time period on Hangikredi.com’s mobile website were invited to pick up where they left off in their journey. When these visitors returned to the mobile site, their choice of loan amount and period were auto-filled, demonstrating that Hangikredi.com recognizes its customers like a branch representative.


Insider’s personalization solution for returning mobile site visitors increased conversion rates by 6.85%.

“Improving customer experience with customer-centric strategies is what we heavily invest in. With Insider we are able to understand our visitors and optimize their journey constantly. Our partnership with Insider enables us to get actionable results and see valuable conversion gains.”

Mustafa Oral

Sales and Marketing Manager

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