GNC increases average order value by 41.48%

About GNC

GNC (General Nutrition Centre) is a leading retailer of health and wellness products both on the highstreet and online. Founded in 1935, GNC has over 8000 stores in 50 countries and provides first class products with safe, world-class ingredients.
The search for innovative ways to highlight special offers
GNC had a surplus of stock that they wanted to clear quickly via their website, and planned to offer the selected product(s) at an attractive discount. The question was, how could they draw as much attention as possible to the promotion to ensure they maximized sales? They applied to Insider to discuss, and come up with something rather interesting! 
Search box as a discount display element

The team suggested using the search box at the top of the homepage to display an ad for the discounted product. This box, which is usually empty, would be auto-filled with a promotional message, attracting customers’ attention in an unexpected way.

With Insider, GNC was able to quickly set up a promotion for a product they wanted to de-stock. The promotion, which was shown to all site visitors, was a simple line of copy added to the homepage search box, alerting customers to the discounted price. If a customer clicked on the search button, it took them directly to the product page, where they could make their order. 


Using this highly-frequented and visible area of the homepage, GNC was able to weave their message seamlessly into the user experience. This resulted in an incredible 41.48% increase in the average order value during the promotional period, and an uplift of 6.16% in conversion rate. Their search for a new way to publicize site promotions certainly paid off!

“Repurposing our search bar to run a promotion was a great idea from the Insider team, and one that had a huge business impact. It shows that sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference; we didn’t even need to design an ad! We’ll be running these types of promotions regularly now, and are looking for other innovative ways to optimize our site to support our business goals.”

Yasar Caglak

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