How FOX achieves 4X more traffic with segmented web push notifications

In just 6 months the traffic from web push notifications increased by 3X. Insider’s solution became the 3rd most popular channel in terms of incoming traffic.


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About FOX

FOX Networks Group is a primary operating unit of 21st Century FOX. FNG consists of FOX Television Group, which includes FOX Broadcasting Company and 20th Century FOX Television; FOX Sports Media Group; FOX Cable Networks, which includes FX Networks and National Geographic Partners; and FOX Networks Group Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Together these units create, program and distribute the world’s most popular entertainment, sports, and nonfiction programming.
Increasing Sessions on FOX’s Website

FOX’s website is a primary channel where it can inculcate brand loyalty as well as attract new visitors and followers. Therefore, FOX continuously leverages latest technologies to
provide its visitors with a delightful and engaging experience.

FOX’s digital team was looking to improve the footfall of visitors on their website, as well as recommend relevant articles and TV series to their existing base of followers.

That’s when FOX tapped into Insider’s Web Push technologies as it’s a great channel to engage visitors right on their desktops even when they are off-site.

FOX Utilized Personalized and Tailored Web Push Messaging Capabilities

A lot of vendors offer web push messaging and promotion-based platforms, but what made Insider a standout platform for FOX was its ability to segment these messages based on visitor segments and to personalize the message for each visitor with dynamic content capabilities, automatically.

Visitor segmentation for web push allows anyone using Insider to create segments based on website activity, previously consumed media and articles, stage in the customer lifecycle, likelihood to convert and much more.

This way the receiving party will only receive content that is highly relevant. This scenario is ideal for improving CTR rates, engagement, number of sessions and page views on a website.

– Here’s how Fox leveraged segmented web push messaging:

-Web push messages were segmented based on visitor interests like the categorical classification of articles read, the media consumed – TV shows, online streams, and more.

When a registered viewer’s show got primetime, FOX sent web push messages including a link to the online stream.

3X More Traffic from Web Push Notifications in 6 Months

In just 6 months the traffic from segmented web push notifications increased by 3X. Web push notifications quickly became the third highest source of traffic for FOX. Also, when segmented web push was put head-to-head with bulk push, Insider’s push messaging performed 4X better.

“Insider’s web push notifications provided us with exactly what we were looking for. We did not expect these mind-boggling results in such a short time span. Insider’s approach to web push messaging — segmented push — helped us increase our traffic. In just 6 months the traffic from web push notifications increased by 3X. Insider’s solution became the 3rd most popular channel in terms of incoming traffic. Great results coupled with great account managers at Insider. We are just getting started.”

Evren Unal

VP, Head of Digital Media

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