Flyadeal increases return on ad spend by 80% with predictive segments

About flyadeal

flyadeal is Saudi Arabia’s new low fare airline. Based in Jeddah, they are a sister company of Saudia Airlines that focuses on providing low-cost air travel to customers. flyadeal began operations on September 23, 2017, Saudi Arabia’s National Day. Currently, the company operates a fleet of +12 Airbus A320 aircrafts and has flown over 2 million passengers.
Executive Summary

flyadeal was tired of the long wait times between new implementations. They wanted to make quick and seamless changes to their onsite users experience, but couldn’t. They started looking for a customer experience platform that could move at the speed of their business and personalize onsite experiences at scale.

flydeal didn’t want a solution that required endless IT investment, development debt, or an army of designers waiting in the wings. They needed a convenient and intuitive solution that could help them scale up personalized experiences and their onsite engagement efforts. flyadeal chose Insider for its ease of use and advanced personalization, targeting, and segmentation capabilities. 

Being a part of the Saudi Airlines Group but operating as a low-cost airline, flyadeal needed to maximize the returns from every dollar they spent. Insider provided flyadeal with a precise and efficient tool to maximize their return on ad spend.

Journey With Insider

Insider provided strategic insights to flyadeal at every leg of their personalization journey. Seeing tremendous growth, flyadeal has expanded its partnership with Insider and leveled up its marketing strategy.

Reducing cost per transaction and optimizing return on ad spend (RoAS) with Predictive Audiences (PA)

flyadeal was looking for ways to reduce the cost per transaction for their customers and improve their ad spend returns. For this, they wanted a platform that would help them target users with more accuracy.  

Having understood the challenge, Insider's growth consultants recommended Predictive Audiences (PA) to help flyadeal target the people most likely to be interested in what they had to offer.  Using Insider's Likelihood to Purchase (LTP) algorithms, flyadeal was able to target those users who were most likely to make a flight booking, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

flyadeal observed an 80% uplift in their return on ad spend (RoAS) compared to the generic segments used in ad platforms and a 28% reduction in the cost per transaction.

Accelerating user bookings with price alert web push and upselling ancillary purchases

flyadeal wanted to bring back users to complete their flight bookings and notify them of price fluctuations or new seat availability. They were also looking to engage users who have already made a purchase by enticing them with flight add-ons. 

As a low-cost carrier, flyadeal needed to be on top of the price-wars in the segment of users checked destinations and optimize profitability with ancillary purchases.

The growth team at Insider recommended using price-alert web push and ancillary push notifications. The price-alert push would notify users about the possibility of an increase in seat prices and encourage them to book their tickets now. Ancillary web push would upsell related add-on products/packages to users who had booked a flight. 

flyadeal observed a 9.28% uplift in conversion rate for their variable group compared to the control group that did not receive the notifications.

Personalizing the homepage experience with for each visitor with dynamic banners

flyadeal understands their customer base's diverse needs. They wanted to personalize each visitor's homepage experience with content individually tailored to their preferences.

Insider recommended the use of homepage banners to tailor highly individualized website experiences based on each user's past behaviors. Using real-time segmentation and AI-backed predictions, Insider reimagined flyadeal’s onsite experience and provided the most relevant content to each user.

flyadeal saw a conversion rate uplift of 31% from these personalized banner engagements compared to the control group, who did not see these changes on the website.

Looking Ahead

The primary goal at flyadeal has always been about sales, with less emphasis on going after clicks and more emphasis on using data and insights to fuel onsite conversions. flyadeal will continue to use Insider to optimize conversions and boost revenue and growth.

Presently, flyadeal uses the Insider’s full suite of products except for Mobile App Suite and WhatsApp Business API integration. In the near future, flyadeal will look to incorporate these solutions into their diverse marketing mix.


“Insider's platform provides a very reliable end-to-end growth management strategy with a wide array of tools focused on driving growth and optimizing key metrics. The growth team members at Insider are masters of the panel and helping us tackle any issue we face.  Yet, what fascinates us truly, is Insider's dedication to helping us drive our objectives as if it were their own — the true mark of a 5-star team!”

Ahmed Albrahim

Chief Customer and Commercial Officer - flyadeal

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