How Firefly Airlines bounced back after the pandemic and achieved a 21.28% CR uplift with Insider


uplift in conversion rate


CR uplift


conversion rate uplift

About Firefly Airlines

Firefly is a Malaysian airline operating flights in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. It is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines and has its head office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Firefly operates from its main hub at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang and from its secondary hub at Penang International Airport. The airline’s first flight was on 3 April 2007, from Penang to Kota Bharu. The company slogan is Beyond Convenience.

Using users’ saved information from previous visits to personalize the website.

Prior to using Insider, Firefly’s website had no personalization and had a one-size-fits-all approach. They wanted to change this and make the website more appealing to their users by making it more personal for them. 

The Firefly team, along with Insider’s support, decided to run an onsite experiment where they would use a user’s saved search information from earlier visits to personalize their experience, and also auto-filling fields to reduce their search time. Firefly also started segmenting users based on their last searched destination to improve the relevancy of their retargeting emails.

This helped in achieving an uplift of 21.28% in conversion rate in the period of one month. 

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Using a countdown timer to discourage booking abandonment.

Users were checking flights, but failing to book because they were exiting the website to check for better prices elsewhere. Firefly wanted to change this and encourage them to complete their flight booking.

The team deployed a countdown timer of 15 minutes, which would start automatically when a user reached the payment page. It was designed to urge the user to complete their transaction within 15 minutes, failing which they will have to go over the flight booking process all over again.

This solution resulted in a CR uplift of 1.80%.

Minimizing space for distraction and encouraging ticket booking through onsite messaging.

Firefly wanted to discourage its users from leaving their website to compare prices on other sites. 

Users who showed exit intent were met with an onsite message that informed them that the prices would remain the same only for the next five minutes, so they have to book it within that time. 

After seeing positive results in an A/B test of this solution, Firefly increased the traffic allocation to 80% and achieved a CR uplift of 0.41%. 

Increasing revenue per booking through the use of product badges.

Most of Firefly’s users were booking the FlyBasic tier, and they wanted to nudge them towards choosing the FlyPremier tier to increase revenue from each booking. 

With Insider’s help, Firefly deployed a “Most Popular” badge next to the FlyPremier tier to indicate that it was the preferred choice for most users. 

This social proof strategy resulted in a conversion rate uplift of 5.06%.

Looking Ahead

Firefly is using nearly all of Insider’s tech stack already. Presently, they are also in the process of integrating the Mobile App product and look forward to more successful use cases and scenarios from there. They are also excited to implement the “likelihood to purchase” algorithm to segment their users better and improve their personalization experience across Firefly’s channels.

“The suite of products from Insider have truly helped us bounce back after going through some really bad lows because of the pandemic. Through tools that are created with an awareness of human psychology, Insider excels with products that are highly capable of improving revenues. The products are all the more better to use because they come with an impeccable support team that is on hand at all times to strategize and improve with us.”

Kee Wai Koo

Head of Marketing & Communications, Firefly Airlines

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