FashionValet increases visitor to email subscriber conversions by 31.68%

About FashionValet

Founded in 2010, FashionValet is Malaysia’s first and hottest online fashion store. Offering a wide range of ready-to-wear garments for women, from chic classics to edgy statement pieces, as well as accessories and handbags, FashionValet showcases the best of Malaysia’s home-grown brands and designers.
Intercepting Site Exits
Visitors decide to leave a site for a reason. Sometimes it’s due to a poorly designed navigation, or beyond-expectation prices. Sometimes they’re overwhelmed and distracted by too many ads, or put off by registration requirements. All websites experience site exits, but gone are the days when exit intent was something you could not control. Businesses can now intercept a visitor’s exit and, when handled appropriately, turn it into a conversion. 
A Second Chance

Exit overlays are a great way to address visitors right before they exit your site. Catching your visitors’ attention just as they are leaving, they give your site and your visitors another chance. However, there is a fine line between appealing and frustrating overlays. The exit intent overlays should always be relevant to your visitors’ activity on the site, otherwise they can ruin the user experience.

Insider’s exit-intent technology, combined with behavioral targeting capabilities, helps brands define various visitor behaviors and captures the moment when a visitor exhibits an intent to exit their site. Being able to target the right visitor segment at the right time empowers brands to personalize the customer journey for each visitor, therefore achieving higher conversion rates. 

Personalized Exit Messaging

Based on what FashionValet visitors were up to on the website, different exit intent overlays were displayed for different segments.

Visitors who hadn’t visited the site’s new arrivals page were directed there when they went to leave the site. Similarly, visitors who were about to leave that hadn’t visited the sales category were shown an exit intent overlay and directed to the store’s sales.

There is no better way to gather email addresses than creating a shortcut for a visitor who is abandoning the registration form. In order to eliminate the burden of filling lengthy forms, visitors who were about to exit the registration page were displayed an email collection overlay, highlighting the value they’d get from signing up.


Insider’s exit-intent technology helped FashionValet convert more visitors into buyers and collect more email addresses. The new arrivals and sales overlays increased conversion rates by 23.80% and 21.32% respectively. The registration exit overlay led to a 31.68% increase in the number of visitors who became email subscribers.

“Since we partnered with Insider we have been able to give a personalized touch to every customer journey on our site. The best part of using Insider is that everything you do with Insider is measurable. We are able to test constantly and improve our online presence every day.”

Nadia Norzuhdy

Marketing Executive

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