Using L2P to discover high-value audiences

About Evmanya

Offering everything from furniture and white goods to lighting and decorations, Evmanya is a one-stop shop for creating beautiful, unique living spaces. Founded in 2010, this leading online retailer stocks more than 100,000 products.
Targeting the high value visitors

The company wanted to target their AdWords campaigns only to visitors who were likely to make a purchase. Using L2P (Likelihood to Purchase) scoring, they tracked and analyzed the behavior of customers who had previously bought goods on their site.

Evmanya then identified new visitors that display similar behaviour patterns, and labeled those as users who had a high likelihood of making a purchase. The high-potential users were then shown targeted ads that encouraged them to return to the site. 

Taking Control

Targeting ads to users that displayed high purchase-intent instantly led to a dramatic 53% decrease in CPC traffic. But that was just the beginning! Evmanya saw impressive results across the board, with: 203% conversion rate uplift in paid search, 194% conversion rate uplift in AdWords dynamic targeting 14x conversion rate uplift in generic paid search

“L2P is a fantastic tool for learning about your visitors and, in this case, optimizing digital ad spend accordingly. It quickly gave us insight into our visitor behaviors and made sure that, rather than just “shooting in the dark”, we were able to target high-value users with precision. Now we’ve stopped wasting money on ads that aren’t performing and taken back control, we can use the savings to further expand our marketing operations.”

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