How Erafone improves conversions with mobile web push and gamification

Insider has been instrumental in our efforts to reduce cart abandonment. It has directly impacted our conversions and improved it by 12.56% while lowering cart abandonment by 15%.


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About Erafone

Erafone is one of Indonesia’s largest eCommerce retail chains when it comes to consumer electronics like mobile phones and tablets. It caters millions of customers in Indonesia on a daily basis and is consistently synonymous to the masses as a trusted consumer electronics online retailer.
Tackling High Cart Abandonment

One of the perennial issues in the online retail industry has been high cart abandonment and low customer acquisition rates. Erafone wasn’t new to this phenomenon, and their team devised multiple strategies with Insider’s digital growth team to tackle the problem.

One of the findings during Erafone’s initial research showed that the cart abandonment rate of registered customers was lower than the industry benchmark, whereas the unregistered or anonymous visitors had a higher cart abandonment rate.

To reduce cart abandonment and improve conversions simultaneously, Erafone decided to leverage Insider’s Web Push Notifications and Mobile Web suite together.

Building Converting Journeys Using Mobile Web Push and Personalized Emails

Erafone used on-site and off-site user experience tactics to reduce cart abandonment as well as improving the Average Order Value (AOV).

The retailer used Insider’s Mobile Web Push Notifications and personalized emails to improve checkout page conversions. By monitoring idle time after “Add To Cart” as a trigger, a mobile push message was sent to customers to lure them back to their carts.

Erafone also triggered a push notification when a visitor decided to leave the mobile website without checking out, with the help of Insider’s Mobile Web Exit Intent technology.

To build a more meaningful journey and deliver a fuller customer experience, Erafone also provided personalized cart recovery emails to the same visitors, which further contributed to reducing cart abandonment.

Improving Sign-ups with Gamified Mobile Web Experiences

Erafone also looked for ways to increase registered users on their mobile website, as registered users were more likely to convert compared to anonymous ones.

Erafone deployed gamified experiences to activate anonymous visitors with the Spin-to-Win Wheel template using Insider’s gamified lead generation templates for the Mobile Web. For every spin, visitors stood a chance to win additional discounts and free shipping. All visitors had to do was to register for a free account with their email and spin the wheel.

A staggering 15% reduction in Cart Abandonment

As a result, Erafone was able to reduce cart abandonment by 15%, which directly affected its overall conversion rate, and increased the conversion rate by 12.56%.

Erafone also improved their signup rates by 15.08% with Insider’s gamified lead generation templates especially designed for the mobile web.

“Insider has been instrumental in our efforts to reduce cart abandonment. It has directly impacted our conversions and improved it by 12.56% while lowering cart abandonment by 15%. We were able to create multiple scenarios incorporating push, email, and gamification to deliver better experiences. The Spin-to-Win Wheel feature was definitely a unique approach to deliver incentives and engaged our visitors to sign up or log into their account in lieu of rewards.”

Wisman Odhin

eCommerce Manager

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