Online gambling platform increases revenue through clever targeted messaging


Spread Your Bets

Being one of Europe’s most popular online gambling platforms, the site now entertains 2.5 million subscribers who won more than 2 billion euros!

Ninety-five percent of the platform’s players choose the sports betting service where they can bet on football games, basketball games, and more. The company wanted to drive more users towards their low-stake football pool game, and needed a smart, easy-to-implement solution to support this business goal.

Realizing the Value of Small-Spend Players

One of the main differences between the two betting products is that to use the sports betting service, players must have a minimum of 3 euros in their account, but for the low-stake game, there’s no minimum stake. The company decided to use this to their advantage to encourage players with a balance of less than 3 euros to give the low-stake football game a try.
The company wanted to increase awareness of the fact that players could still play a game, even if they had minimal funds in their account. Using Insider’s behavioral targeting module, they showed a notification to qualifying players (with a balance of less than 3 euros) directly after they logged in. This notification, informing people that there was no minimum limit to play the low stake football game, and encouraging them to play, was shown to more than 450,000 users!


Conversion rate uplift

Small Difference, Big Wins

The click-rate on the notification was an impressive 20.7%, and 35.08% of players went on to place a bet on the low stake football game. In comparison, the conversion rate for the control group (who did not see the notification) was 23.91%. This means that the notification created a 46% uplift in conversions, a huge win for the eBetting platform.

“Changing user behavior and building awareness is a huge challenge, but one that we recognized as a lucrative avenue to explore. In this case, simplicity was king. We had a simple idea, that we could implement with ease, and the results were phenomenal. Not only did we increase conversion by 31.16%, we also offered our loyal customer base a fun, low-risk gaming experience that they may have not previously considered.”

Marketing Director