How a leading online retailer for expecting parents improved mobile app revenue with Carousel Cart Reminder Push Notifications


About ebebek

ebebek is a leading online store for expecting parents and parents with newly born babies. Under the philosophy of “babyology,” ebebek goes beyond providing products and focuses on sharing their expertise around happiness of babies and families with their customers. ebebek has over 7.5 million monthly visits on their website and mobile app, with over a million existing  customers. Since its establishment in 2001, ebebek has over 134 stores and millions satisfied customers.

Fighting mobile cart abandonment

As a leading mother and baby brand, ebebek’s marketing team is always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve shopping experiences while driving revenue and return visits across touchpoints.

ebebek observed that users who did not checkout within 25 minutes on their iOS mobile app had a higher rate of cart abandonment. To address this problem ebebek started working with Insider’s Growth Management Platform (GMP).


in Revenue

Encouraging mobile app visitors to checkout with Carousel Push Notifications

Using Insider GMP, ebebek created a custom segment of users who abandoned their cart or showed inactivity over 25 minutes on their mobile app. ebebek targeted this segment with an interactive Carousel Push Notification, reminding users that there are items to be checked out.

Revenue improved by an additional 7.48% in just 15 days

As a result, ebebek’s revenue improved by 7.48% in just 15 days after sending out the Carousel Push Notification. ebebek consistently saw an average push open rate of 7% and goal completion rate of 8%.

“Since we have started using Insider Growth Management Platform (GMP), we have been able to focus on conversion rate optimization and delivering personalized experiences. Now, we are able to understand the preferences of our customers better and target cart abandoners by sending out engaging carousel mobile app push notifications. As a result, we have observed an increase in our checkout rate and our mobile app revenue improved significantly.”

Zafer Kavaklı
Digital Marketing Manager