Australian fashion retailer Cue delivers hyper-personalized customer experiences with AI

About CUE

Cue is a clothing store that was established in 1968. Its first store opened in the Strand Arcade, Sydney, Australia. They currently operate over 240 stores spanning across Australia and New Zealand. With a deep understanding of customers and their wants, Cue is the largest local manufacturer of fashion in Australia.

Personalizing the User Experience with Advanced Segmentation

As the retail industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s imperative for businesses to bring a competitive edge to their brands. Given the constantly changing demands of customers, delivering personalized experiences is the key to get ahead of competition.

Cue was looking for ways to replicate its in-store personalization on the e-commerce platform. To successfully achieve this, the brand implemented Insider’s AI-backed products in its webstore to build hyper-personalized customer experiences. Leveraging features like Mobile Exit Intent and segments like Likelihood to Purchase and Discount Affinity enabled Cue to target highly-precise market segments.

They were also able to track customer behavior, create individualized user journeys by showing the right content at the right time, generate more leads, and improve overall conversion rates.

Building Stronger Customer Relationships Through Real-Time Conversations 

There was a time when potential customers would land on the Cue website, but conversing with them was impossible. The WhatsApp Business API implementation suggested by Insider worked as a handy tool. The automated messaging tool enabled Cue to have real-time, personalized conversations with customers on the world’s most popular messaging app. Further, it assisted in providing their customers with individualized, instantaneous support. Through this, they were able to acquire new shoppers, improve customer retention, and drive better returns.

“Replicating in-store customer experiences on digital platforms is no cakewalk, especially when we have limited opportunity to converse with shoppers. Insider's team clearly understood our business goals and assisted us in providing our customers with the right information throughout their shopping journey through hyper-personalization. Insider’s segmentation capabilities helped us in understanding our customers’ behavior better. Through this, we were able to innovate our customer acquisition strategy, enhance customer experience, and get better ROI. Overall there was a lot of synergy that we found between CUE and Insider. Insider’s products have been an integral part of our success since 2020.” 

Shane Lenton

Chief Information Officer

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