How Credissimo Improved Form Completions with a Simple Tweak


About Credissimo

Credissimo is a leading non-banking Fintech company established in 2007 providing new solutions to markets where customers are looking for short-term funding opportunities. As a tech-based enterprise, Credissimo is always at the forefront of using technology to roll out innovative financial solutions for consumers and brands alike.

Combatting low form completion rates

Credissimo offers a wide variety of Fintech services, like quick short-term loans online. It serves around 800k applications yearly and approvals are served in a period as short as 7 minutes.

To start the application process on the Credissimo website, any interested party can just fill up a form and it would take a few minutes to get the approval online and start the procurement process. Credissimo’s marketing team observed a low form completion rate compared to their expectation, which directly impacted their bottom line.


Rate Uplift

Customizing the loan application form to drive conversions

To combat low form completion rates, a text indicating the estimated form completion time (2 minutes) was inserted on the top right part of the form. This encouraged prospects to start and complete the loan application form.

After the text was implemented, conversions improved by 48%.


Besides, Credissimo implemented a CTA text on the browser tab which read “You haven’t completed your application” once the user switched tabs.

This simple tweak helped Credissimo achieve 16.8% conversion uplift in 30 days.

“It was a great experience to work with Insider as their growth experts were very knowledgeable about designing impactful customer experiences for the fintech industry. We were able to observe results immediately after implementing the smallest changes on our website. It was quite surprising to see that our conversions improved by 48% after inserting a simple text on our loan application form. Insider truly enables us to deliver better experiences and we look forward to trying our new strategies that drives growth for our business.”

Ivan Kostov
Marketing Manager