How CNN TURK improves brand loyalty with web push notifications


CNN TURK is the first national TV network bearing CNN’s logo but managed outside of CNN Atlanta Headquarters. CNN TURK has been in the broadcasting business featuring news programs, financial, sports, entertainment as well as lifestyle programming and stands out as a television network guided by principles of independent, objective and impartial journalism.
Improving return visits and brand loyalty

Organic search (Google and other search engines) has been CNN TURK’s top source of traffic and their returning visitor numbers were decreasing.

CNN TURK and Insider joined forces to mitigate these issues and improve brand loyalty for CNN TURK’s website.

By building brand loyalty, any brand is able to directly impact their bottom line, as loyal followers are the most potent brand-advocates — they could bring in more followers and readers via promotion on social media, word-of-mouth referrals, reviews and more — as well as provide you with critical feedback that’s instrumental in shaping your business going forward.

CNN TURK had clear goals in mind: Leverage web channels to nurture returning visitors, inculcate brand loyalty and drive more traffic as a result. 

Web Push to the rescue

With Insider, CNN TURK was able to foray into advanced methods of using web push.

Insider’s growth consultants provided vertical-specific best practices to tackle the challenges CNN TURK was facing.

Web Push was now split into:

1. Bulk Web Push Notifications – People who opted in to receive web push notifications on CNN TURK’s website received web push messages based on top, breaking or other news.

2. Segmented Web Push Notifications – This is where it got interesting for CNN TURK. Using Insider’s advanced user segmentation technology, CNN TURK was able to send highly relevant stories to visitors based on the content they have consumed historically on CNN TURK. 
175% increase in returning visitors

When CNN TURK started sending web push notifications with Insider, they saw a 10x increase in returning visitors, instantly.

CNN TURK was able to reach out to 14 times more people via web push within 7 months, that is, between August 2017 – April 2018.

Segmented web push saw 3x more returning visitors compared to bulk push. At times, segmented web push performed 12x better than bulk push as well.

In just a year, Insider’s web push solution brought 36x more sessions to CNN TURK. Also, CNN TURK saw a 175% increase in returning visitor sessions.

“Insider’s Platform has worked wonders for us. It is incredible to see a 175% uplift in our returning visitor sessions compared to the time when we just started our work with Insider. The smart web push segmentation has helped us provide our readers with more value and inculcate a following among them. We will continue to explore Insider’s features to deliver better experiences to our valued followers.”

Umut Katirci

Content and Business Development Director

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