Bumrungrad International Hospital achieves a 60X ROI with Insider after improving campaign performance and opt-in rates by 24.1%


increase in open rate A/B testing


increase click-through rate Hello bar


increase in CTR Countdown banner

About Bumrungrad

Founded in 1980, Bumrungrad International Hospital is a leading multi-specialty healthcare provider catering to international patients and delivering world-class services. Situated in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, the hospital is a global pioneer in healthcare and has been listed on Thailand’s Stock Exchange since 1989.

With more than 200 operational beds, over 1,300 medical doctors, and over 4,800 support professionals, Bumrungrad International Hospital is known to be one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia.

Having served over 1.1 million patients across 190 countries annually, the hospital continually strives to go the extra mile to provide all its patients with compassionate, convenient, and quality care.

Founded in: 1980
Operates in: Bangkok, Thailand
Number of employees: 4,000+

Building seamless onsite experiences with Category Optimizer

Bumrungrad International Hospital decided to begin its website optimizations on the homepage. They wanted to ensure users landed on the most relevant page based on their interests, needs, and preferences. Insider's growth consultants recommended integrating Category Optimizer.

Based on AI-backed algorithms, Category Optimizer dynamically reorders category listings to create a personalized view for each unique visitor.

Bumrungrad International Hospital also began leveraging Architect, Insider’s cross-channel customer journey orchestration tool, to send the right message to the right users at the right time on their preferred channel.

This allowed the Bumrungrad International Hospital to orchestrate personalized user journeys across various digital touchpoints, including Web Push, Email, Ads, and SMS.

The partner ran an A/B test with three variations and a control group to determine which strategies created the highest user engagement, enhanced user experience, gained more clicks, and improved overall conversion rate.

By optimizing categories based on A/B testing, Bumrungrad International Hospital saw a 12.9% increase in open rate.

Increasing CTR by 2.7% by adding a Hello Bar to the homepage

Bumrungrad International Hospital needed help informing users about upcoming events and promotions. They realized that highlighting the information at the top of the website's homepage and the mobile app was an effective way to accomplish this.

Insider's team of growth consultants suggested adding a Hello Bar to the top of the website. Bumrungrad International Hospital raised awareness of the Health Fair by placing this Hello Bar at the top of the homepage. When a user landed on the homepage, the personalized bar suggested different health checkup packages to which they can opt-in at discounted prices.

The implementation of a Hello Bar helped Bumrungrad International Hospital increase click-through rate by 2.7%.

Increasing CTR by 26% with desktop and mobile countdown banners

Trust, transparency, convenience, and affordability are critical factors in the healthcare industry. With this in mind, Bumrungrad International Hospital decided to make healthcare available to all by providing a variety of health checkup packages and screenings at reasonable prices. The challenge, however, was informing patients about the health fair in a short period.

Using Insider, Bumrungrad International Hospital ran a Countdown campaign for desktop and mobile. The partner decided to run this campaign for two days, with a countdown banner displayed for 48 hours.

This campaign helped to create a sense of urgency among users to get their health checkups done at lower prices, helping influence purchase decisions and increase conversion rates.

The countdown banner helped Bumrungrad International Hospital gain a 26% increase in CTR.

Looking Ahead

Bumrungrad International Hospital will continue to use Insider’s marketing automation tools to improve the customer journey, increase user engagement, and boost average order value per user while decreasing the bounce rate.

To expand their customer reach in the international market and drive more sales and revenue, the healthcare provider will begin using Insider’s WhatsApp, Email, and SMS capabilities to activate these powerful channels.

“We've been working with Insider for over two years now, and have had a fantastic experience working closely with their enthusiastic growth professionals who value our feedback, and a dedicated local customer success consultants team. We’re extremely happy with the impeccable results we've achieved using Insider’s tools, such as increasing conversion rates by 25%, gaining an average opt-in rate of 24.1%, and 60X ROI. Using these features, we created personalized experiences for our users across channels and significantly boosted customer engagement through a fully optimized customer journey.”

Kittiya Kornlerdwanich

Digital Content Strategy and Marketing Automation Manager

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