The revenue-driving strategies resulting in 5X ROI for Bookblock

Insider helps Bookblock provide their visitors with an online shopping experience befitting their premium products. By aiding product discovery, creating friction-free customer experiences and speeding up the path to purchase Bookblock has gleaned 5X ROI so far.


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Conversion Rate Uplift Easter Countdown Timers


Conversion Rate Uplift Web & Mobile Experience Optimization

About Bookblock

Bookblock is the home of creative gifting. It offers customers a beautiful array of personalized cards, gifts, sweet treats, stationery, and carefully curated gift boxes to brighten the day of a loved one. Bookblock hunts for the best brands and manufactures their own goods to guarantee the best quality products to their customers.

Faster purchase journeys with search optimization

Bookblock wanted to simplify product discovery on their website, creating friction-free customer experience and speeding up the path to purchase.

Bookblock added an automated historical search keywords dropdown box to their search bar, helping visitors return to their favourite categories quickly and easily.

This effective navigational tool had a huge impact on Bookblock’s key success metrics. It increased conversion rates by 37.66% and average order value by 20.36% on their desktop site.

Creating urgency and increasing conversions with countdown timers

Clear communication and transparency are paramount to good customer experience. Easter is a busy gifting time for Bookblock and they were looking for the best way to make sure that no customer was left disappointed missing the order deadline in before the public holiday.

Bookblock activated a countdown timer on their website, giving the hours, minutes and seconds until the delivery cut off deadline. This not only helped with the customer service Bookblock pride themselves upon, it also created urgency for their customers and highlighted the great range of seasonal products on offer, driving them towards a purchase.

The countdown timer resulted in a 13% “Easter Gifts” page view uplift, 6.4% conversion rate uplift, and a 10% AOV uplift on desktop.

On mobile devices, the AOV uplift was also 10%, with an astonishing 93% conversion rate uplift.

Increasing conversion rates with frictionless digital experiences

Bookblock wants to provide an effortless customer experience that helps customers to find exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily – at every point of the customer journey. Bookblock uses Insider’s web and mobile web optimization capabilities to test critical elements across the website – including which CTAs drive the highest engagement and conversion rates. By testing individual elements, Bookblock has developed a deep understanding of what their customers need at every stage of the customer journey, to drive the right behavior – and the best results. Thanks to the Insider platform’s ease of use, the Bookblock website can be altered in a few clicks, with no development or IT resources needed. Small but mighty changes such as amending the location of CTAs or updating the look and feel of page elements have produced a significant compound effect. Engagement has improved and conversion rates have increased by 12%.

Looking Ahead

Bookblock is preparing to launch InStory, personalized interactive stories embedded, to reduce mobile bounce rate.

With InStory, Bookblock will bring the power of social stories to their site to engage visitors and inspire them to discover their products. Bite-sized, personalized stories expand from a thumbnail experience to a full-screen immersive experience.

Great customer experiences = great results

We were looking for a strategic partner with the same growth mindset as Bookblock, and we definitely found that in Insider. They understand the metrics we care about the most and do everything they can to help us exceed them.

Our partnership with Insider has helped us to significantly increase our ecommerce vitals including average order value and conversion rates – both are having a big impact on our bottom line.

Insider helps us to provide our visitors with an online shopping experience befitting our premium products; injecting joy into every stage of the customer journey.

Tom Strickland

CEO, Bookblock

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