Insider’s social proof gives Beacon Lighting a 22% boost in add-to-cart rates

Insider’s capabilities in executing personalized messaging are amazing. It has allowed us to go to market a lot quicker than expected.


increase in add-to-cart Social Proof


uplift in page views Cart Reminders


product pageview uplift Product Badges

About Beacon Lightning

Beacon Lighting’s story began in Melbourne in 1967 with a single store and the drive to brighten up people’s lives. Since then, the company has become Australia’s leading specialist retailer of lights, ceiling fans, and light globes, with over 110 stores nationwide and a team of over 1000 people.

Founded in: 1967
Numbers of stores: 110
Operates in: Australia
Number of employees: 1000

Improving add-to-cart rates using Social Proof

As COVID hit, Beacon Lighting’s offline store sales declined because customers wanted to see the products before buying. The challenge was to create buzz on the online store and make the most of the traffic to increase sales.

Insider conducted research into Beacon Lighting’s website audience then created a personalized approach to improve add-to-carts. By using Social Proof with segmentation, we were able to improve their outcomes for this problem. By simply showing the number of product views, Insider was able to give the social proof needed to encourage customers to add the item to their cart.

Social Proof proved to be highly effective for Beacon Lighting, resulting in an increase in add-to-cart rate of 22%.

Encouraging purchases on mobile and nudging users ahead in the buying process using Cart Reminders

By observing traffic on their website, we noticed that customers were purchasing more when viewing products on a bigger screen. Customers using mobile interfaces were more likely to abandon their cart, with users not reaching the check-out page.

To increase checkout page views, Insider’s experienced consultants suggested the use of Cart Reminders when users showed exit intent or abandonment behavior.

Using cart reminders, Beacon Lighting was able to achieve a 10% uplift in pageviews when customers searched for products on mobile, with the campaigns also driving a large amount of last-click revenue.

Improved communication and visibility of sales and discounts using product badges

Beacon Lighting sought to amplify seasonal offers, discounts, and limited-edition releases, and support its strong offline presence. They wanted a means to showcase new products on the website to enable better product discovery.

Insider’s team recommended the use of engaging product badges to highlight sales and discounts on various products. This helped increase the exposure of certain products.

Through the easy addition and removal of product badges, Insider was able to help Beacon Lighting achieve a 4% product pageview uplift on Desktop and a remarkable 27% product pageview uplift on mobile.

Looking Ahead

Beacon Lighting has clear goals for the future, and, as part of their strategy, they are considering Insider’s Smart Recommendations. The company is aware of the power of personalized search experiences, and the next step in their partnership with Insider is to increase overall purchase rates through highly personalized and relevant search results.

Insider’s capabilities in executing personalized messaging are amazing. It has allowed us to go to market a lot quicker than expected. The Insider team is very knowledgeable and fantastic at providing suggestions to improve ROI and increase conversions. The team is pleasant to work with, and their people are so approachable that it often feels like they’re an extension of our team.

From our first interaction with the team at Insider, we’ve been amazed and excited by the capabilities the platform has provided us. It’s been a wonderful experience working with Insider too, with stellar outcomes achieved in the most agile way possible. Working with the Insider team has been as smooth as working with an in-house team, the result of open communication and dialogue. On the whole, it’s been fantastic to work with Insider.

Jane Houghton

E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Beacon Lightning

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