Online superstore drives cost-per-click conversions by 27.2%


Founded in 2006, is a Polish online superstore offering a huge selection of top-brand goods at low prices. The retail giant sells everything from groceries and pet food to baby care products, DIY items, and more. It’s a one-stop-shop for busy families looking for choice, convenience, and value for money.
Personalizing the Journey for Price-Sensitive Shoppers

Cost-per-click (CPC) marketing is a highly effective way for brands to reach leads and prospects who are searching for their products or services, and drive targeted traffic to a website. However, since CPC marketing means paying for each click on ad, it can be costly if the traffic generated does not convert. was running a CPC campaign with Ceneo, Poland’s largest price comparison shopping platform that attracts 7 million users per month. Traffic coming from Ceneo consisted of visitors who showed very strong interest in a product. These people could therefore could be considered as a segment of visitors that were very close to making a purchase. Yet the other side of the coin reveals a different challenge: coming from a price-comparison website, these visitors were also highly aware of competitor products, and were price-sensitive. was looking for a solution to personalize the shopping journey for this valuable segment and convert CPC traffic into sales. 

Visitors coming from Ceneo and showing dominant non-purchase behaviors. 
Incentivizing Valuable Visitors

Having in-depth visitor data gives brands insight into which consumers should be targeted, and creating a customer-centric business strategy needs good analytics at hand.

Understanding visitor behavior and personalizing the experience for each individual are key to success. Insider’s real-time analysis and behavioral targeting capabilities helped identify pre-eminent non-purchase behaviors, signaling a potential purchase and encouraging those visitors to complete the sales funnel with personalized incentives.

Urgency as a Sales Driver

Given that the CPC traffic was relatively price sensitive, non-purchasers were targeted with personalized discount offers to move them forward in their shopping journey. In order to nudge non-purchasers further towards purchase, the discounts were offered for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency.

Banner text: Order within 20 minutes and receive an additional 10 zł discount on a 6x pack of Nestlé NAN!


Insider’s personalization solutions for CPC traffic were highly successful. The business saw a conversion rate uplift of 27.2%, driving more CPC conversions and therefore a significant increase in CPC ROI.

“Here at being the most customer-centric company is what we strive for most. Insider is helping us achieve exactly that. With Insider we are able to create personalized solutions and optimize our marketing decisions. We are more empowered to truly understand our visitors and create campaigns, matching visitor needs to drive more sales.”

Paweł Paszkowski

Managing Director

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