89.87% ROAS Uplift Targeting
Predictive Segments in Adwords



Ayakkabi Dunyasi is a leading footwear retailer in Europe, selling more than 3 million pairs of shoes annually through its 53 stores. The company, established in 1923, has accumulated unparalleled knowledge and strong heritage in footwear business along with a highly recognized and trusted brand name.

The Rising Cost of Customer Acquisition

Ayakkabi Dunyasi was long active in digital advertising with their unique shopping campaigns. Even though the company had great success in their digital marketing efforts, decreasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), partially due to rising CPCs, was becoming a concern. Ayakkabi Dunyasi was looking for ways to improve ad spend efficiency, while improving ROAS.

Fighting Mistargeting in Ad Channels with AI-backed Predictive Segments

Through their inbound agency, Insider’s AI-powered Predictive Ad Audiences technology was introduced to Ayakkabi Dunyasi. Using the Likelihood to Purchase predictive segment, the company targeted visitors who had shown intent to make a purchase on the website and mobile web. Relevant ads were only revealed to those visitors who have a high likelihood of making a purchase in Adwords.


uplift in Conversion Rate

Game Changer Results

Using Predictive Ad Audiences, Ayakkabi Dunyasi successfully boosted all key metrics, including:

– 89.87% uplift in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
– 109.72% uplift in Conversion Rate
– 57.87 % decrease in Cost Per Transaction

“Insider’s Predictive Ad Audiences product completely changed how we approach customer experiences. Now we know which visitors are more likely to make a purchase on our desktop and mobile websites and solely target these visitors in AdWords. Likelihood to Purchase predictive segment helped us solve our mistargeting problem, while helping us make smarter investments. We are impressed with the increase in our key performance metrics and look forward to experimenting with other predictive segments within the Insider Growth Management Platform. ”

Erdem Aklan
Marketing & eCommerce Manager