Avon increases average order value by 11% and click-through rate by 13%

Using Insider's AI-powered smart recommender, we improved our AOV by 11%, and our click-through rate went up by 13%.


increase in average order value AI-powered smart recommender


click-through rate uplift AI-powered smart recommender

About Avon

Avon Products Inc., or simply Avon, is a direct sales company in the beauty, household, and personal care categories. With 6.4 million representatives and a presence across six continents, the leading beauty brand is also the second largest direct-selling enterprise in the world. Avon was founded to provide an opportunity for women to earn and learn – by bringing economic freedom to its independent representatives, who provide millions of customers worldwide with trusted, personal beauty advice and products.  Avon is accelerating its business transformation and amplifying growth with a focus on commercial model optimization, a relationship selling framework, brand, and innovation relevance, and a digitally-enabled omnichannel experience. The company also strives to provide its representatives with cutting-edge user experiences.
Boosting AOV with Smart Recommender

Competition is fierce in the online retail space for cosmetics and beauty products. To stay ahead of the curve, it was vital for Avon to retain its online shoppers and increase its Average Order Value (AOV).

Using Insider’s AI-powered Smart Recommender, Avon was able to deliver highly contextual product recommendations in real-time. The company also implemented strategies like highlighting trending products, discounted products, and user-based recommendations, to target a wide range of consumers, help them quickly discover relevant products, and encourage them to purchase additional items.

Smart Recommender paid sharp dividends. Avon improved its AOV by almost 11% and its click-through rates improved by 13%.

Engaging users with the right stories

How does a brand reach out to relevant users and build their interest in its products? By building relevant stories. Insider’s InStory brings the power of building social stories as a new way to engage and convert visitors.

 Avon began using Insider’s InStory to create Instagram-like stories, and deliver immersive experiences on the mobile web. Using the InStory dashboard, the brand was able to showcase its bestselling products, top picks, last minute deals, seasonal offers, and more on its mobile website.

“Insider’s platform proved to us how easy life can be when AI and machine learning-backed platforms are incorporated into the marketing mix. We can now optimize experiences both on our desktop and mobile website with no extra IT effort. Insider’s Growth Management Platform has become an essential tool for us. The company really understands the challenges we face and their ever-evolving technology enables marketers to boost vital KPIs. We look forward to incorporating the wide range of features and capabilities of the Insider platform, in order to deliver the best experiences to our representatives, across our digital channels.”

Orkun Gul

General Manager

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