eCommerce retailer Atasun improves conversion rate by 5%

We further made use of automated web push notifications from Insider to help us improve our conversion rates. We’re satisfied to know that the use of opt-in screen does not cause user drop-offs and we are continuing to use both custom opt-in screens and automated web push from Insider.


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About Atasun Optik

Atasun Optik, a subsidiary of optical retail leader GrandVision, is a fast-growing company operating in more than 240 retail stores and serving hundreds of thousands of customers daily. Atasun Optik prides itself on offering quality products at affordable prices and providing all of its customers with tailored, expert advice.

Fixing the Mobile Web Leak in The Conversion Funnel: Improving Retention & Conversions

Insider’s Q4 2019 Digital Growth Benchmarks Report shows that while consumers are spending more time on mobile as a result compared to the same quarter in 2018, they’re not converting at the same rates seen on desktop. Users tend to seep through the mobile journey when they get to the purchasing step. Retaining and converting these users has been a chronic problem in the retail industry.

Like most retailers, Atasun Optik was looking for ways to fix this mobile web leak and boost purchases made on mobile devices. After consulting with the Insider’s growth consultants, the team at Atasun Optik decided to present coupon codes to their mobile customers who had made their first purchase. Their goal was to entice these users with a discount coupon for their second purchase to increase conversion rates and revenue.

“Working with Insider helped us discover brand new ways of engagement and create powerful, personalized journeys on our mobile website. By leveraging Insider’s feature-rich mobile solutions on our site, we were able to provide our customers with a unique and gamified experience on mobile devices. Offering an exciting and fun mobile journey improved our retention and conversation rates right away, a problem we had been tackling for a while before Insider. The results were way beyond what we expected.

Ozgur Tali

Head of Ecommerce

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