Fashion retailer App Tracker decreases app uninstalls by 5%

The number of mobile app uninstalls dropped by 5% and the CTR for our app push notifications increased by 20%.


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About App Tracker

The fashion retailer is one of the largest distribution groups in Europe, offering everything from apparel to footwear. The brand puts the customer at the heart of their unique business model, which includes design, production, distribution, and sales. They have an active user base across channels, yet their mobile app receives higher traffic, welcoming over 150,000 users per month.

Battling High Volume of App Uninstalls

The average Android app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first three days after the install and 90% within the first 30 days.

It takes less than a minute for any user to uninstall an app and try another one resulting in a high number of app uninstalls. The brand was experiencing a high number of app uninstalls and low conversions even after providing special deals and personalized offers.

The brand realized the value of investing in competitor app research and usage trends. This was vital in retaining existing users as well as acquiring new ones. To achieve this they decided to focus on keeping a track of competitor apps installed on their users’ mobile devices.

Improving mobile app experiences with App Tracker

Using Insider’s App Tracker, businesses can find out if their users have competitor apps installed on their mobile devices. This data can then be used to segment users that have competitor apps and engage them more efficiently with relevant deals.

The fashion retailer leveraged Insider’s App Tracker to track app install metrics for their top 5 competitors during the holiday season. Competitor app install data helped the brand target users with highly competitive offers, boost their own app installs and reduce the number of churns.

Closely analyzing their competitors’ app install metrics, the brand ensured their app install campaigns performed better.

5% Drop in App Uninstalls

App Tracker helped the fashion retailer to:

 – Increase the number of app installs and reduce uninstalls;

– Predict their competitor’s next move;

– Rely on real data-driven insights;

– Save time and money;

– Be one step ahead of the competition.

As a result, the brand’s click through rate (CTR) on app push notifications increased by 20% and the number of app uninstalls dropped by 5%.

What more can you do with Insider’s App Tracker?

1) Target users that have social media apps to inform them about events or campaigns that you are running such as live streaming, informative videos, promotional videos and more to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

2)Deliver personalized in-app incentives to improve app performance, reduce uninstalls and boost overall conversions.

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“Insider’s App Tracker help us track which competitor apps our users have on their mobile devices. Using this data, we were able to deliver competitive and more relevant campaigns during the most busy shopping season of the year. The number of mobile app uninstalls dropped by 5% and the CTR for our app push notifications increased by 20%. App tracker gave us the agility to tweak our campaigns in a timely way and design a unique engagement strategy for each user.”

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