Insider contributes to 12.67% of All Nutrition’s revenue in just 3 months

Working with Insider has been rewarding, the team is very focused on service and looking for continuous improvements...


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About All Nutrition

All Nutrition was founded in Chile in 2004. It operates 34 physical stores and an eCommerce site. With a passion for health & wellness, All Nutrition strives to provide every individual with unique experiences and advice, plus the most innovative products to improve their quality of life.

Founded in: 2004
Numbers of stores: 34
Operates in: Chile
Number of employees: 180

Maximizing conversion rates with A/B testing with segmented smart recommendations

A big pain point was the drop on the Category page (users who visit the Category page but drop out before reaching the product page).

Insider recommended an exit-intent banner with a personalized recommendation (mix of two products). When the user shows exit intent from a category page, a banner with product recommendations displays with A/B testing informed by two algorithms: Top Sellers and Highest Discounted. Top sellers had a CR uplift of 12.67% and were the winners. .

As a result of Insider’s A/B testing, All Nutrition saw a 12.67% conversion rate increase.

Bringing search to the forefront with A/B testing

Users who search during their session have a much higher chance of converting than those who do not. All Nutrition wanted to highlight the search feature to increase conversion rates.

Insider's easy-to-use platform made it possible for All Nutrition to A/B test different colors of the search engine to determine which color attracts users and increases usage.

As a result of Insider's A/B testing recommendations and seamless experiments, All Nutrition saw an 8.03% uplift in its conversion rate.

Using customer feedback to improve the customer experience

All Nutrition has four clearly defined user segments. The company needed to be able to identify precisely who these users were to customize their experience accordingly.

With Insider, All Nutrition created a survey that identified the user's segment. Having implemented this, they began to customize the webpage based on user segments - for example, personalizing the first banner the user sees when he lands on the homepage.

All Nutrition collected customer feedback seamlessly and applied those insights to improve their customer experience. They saw CTR uplifts up to 170%.

1.7% higher CR & 21% opt-in on Email

All Nutrition was struggling with engaging users when they left their site. They needed a solution to bring users back to their website and increase their conversion rate.

To inspire users back to their site, All Nutrition decided to use email as their communication channel. With the help of Insider’s digital growth consultant, they created segmented and automated email campaigns, including newsletters.

As a result of their relevant and personalized email campaigns, All Nutrition saw an opt-in rate of 21% and a 1.7 times higher conversion rate on email than their website average.

“Working with Insider has been rewarding, the team is very focused on service and looking for continuous improvements, they have a very valuable strategic analytical approach that ends up in continuous proposals on how to take advantage of Insider's tools and improve your business results.”

Cesar Esposito

General Manager

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