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How AliCorp achieved 15X ROI and a 7.8% increase in CVR in three months with onsite personalization

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“Insider combines the ultimate personalization suite with easy-to-use templates. This enabled us to personalize multiple websites without any additional resources, and the results speak for themself. We’ve already generated $150,000 in incremental revenue.”

Senior Growth Optimizer

Executive summary

AliCorp is a South American corporation spanning multiple brands and industries. Diadia, its marketplace brand for food and drink, was struggling with a generic, unengaging Web and Mobile experience. The team recognized a need to personalize and incentivize its onsite experience to increase conversions, but with multiple websites and limited time, AliCorp needed a solution with low IT dependency. 

Insider’s easy-to-use, no-code onsite personalization templates enabled AliCorp to launch four features across Diadia’s website and transform its onsite experience within days. Personalizing and gamifying onsite experiences led to a 7% increase in CVR, and $150,000 increase in revenue, contributing to a 15X ROI in just three months.

About AliCorp

AliCorp was founded in Peru in 2005 by entrepreneur Alejandro Gomez. Since its inception, the company has experienced remarkable growth, evolving into a conglomerate with a strong presence and brands in multiple industries, including Diadia. With over 15,000 employees and operations extending across South America, AliCorp is recognized for its emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives.


Creating gamified, immersive, personalized onsite experiences to drive conversions and increase leads

The challenge

AliCorp’s Diadia marketplace struggled to convert its onsite visitors. Its generic, standardized Web and Mobile experiences caused high bounce rates and didn’t meet the expectations of millions of visitors. It needed to offer a more personalized, engaging experience across Mobile and Web. However, with multiple brands across different industries, AliCorp’s marketing and IT teams didn’t have the time to spend weeks or months personalizing Diadia. It needed a personalization platform that could be launch features quickly.

The solution

Insider’s local growth experts suggested multiple templatized solutions that AliCorp could use to power personalized experiences across Didia. On both Mobile and Web, Insider suggested a Countdown Bar for special offers, to create FOMO and encourage visitors to make a purchase before they miss out. The team also suggested launching Banners across Mobile and Web to welcome new visitors with offers and welcome back cart abandoners with reminders of their previously viewed items. 

Additionally, Insider recommended TabTalk for desktop visitors to grab the attention of those who had clicked to a different tab. Thanks to Insider’s templatized solutions, AliCorp launched the Mobile and Web personalization suite across Diadia, increasing conversions and contributing to a boost in revenue within just three months.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly it took us to personalize our onsite experiences. We knew we needed to do it, but we’d previously put personalizing our site off due to the fear of how much time and effort it would take us to launch. Insider’s proved us wrong. We’ve created immersive, engaging experiences across multiple devices, and achieved incredible results in the process.”

Senior Growth Optimizer

The results


ROI in
three months


increase in revenue
in three months


increase in CVR
in three months


“Achieving 15X ROI in one quarter was beyond our wildest dreams. These results show just how important personalized experiences are, and Insider proves that building those experiences doesn’t need to be hard or lengthy.”

Senior Growth Optimizer

Looking ahead

AliCorp is looking to expand the use of Insider’s personalization suite beyond Diadia to increase personalized experiences across its other industries and brands. 

Favorite feature

Templatized Banners

AliCorp loves the huge range of templatized banners, making it easy to create eye-catching, bespoke experiences for both new and returning visitors. 

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