How ACE Hardware doubled app push conversion rates with Insider

About ACE

ACE Hardware (ACE) Kuwait’s story started in 1962. It began with Abdulkarim Alhasawi opening a small repair and installation store in downtown Kuwait with the mission of providing customers with quality products and services. Today, the Alhasawi Group operates globally and is committed to bringing the same exceptional in-store experience to every digital interaction. Founded in: 1962 Numbers of Stores: 100+ Operates in: Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  Number of Employees: 2,000+

Using advanced segments in push notification campaigns

ACE wanted to extend their digital footprint to mobile and enhance their multichannel marketing results with advanced segmentation. To close funnel gaps and get the right message to the right people, ACE needed an easy-to-integrate solution with granular segmentation.  

After understanding ACE’s requirements, Insider recommended push notifications with advanced segmentation. 

To test Insider’s powerful segmentation capabilities, ACE launched an experiment with two segments: (1) bulk notifications that went to everyone except the users in the variable group (2) segmented notifications to cart abandoners. 

Not surprisingly, the segmented notifications performed better than the bulk segments. ACE’s engagement rates for mobile app push notifications increased from 2.82% to 7.63%.. But the impact didn’t end there—ACE saw a 5.33% uplift in CR with Insider’s segmented push notifications.

Launching behavioral automation on specific funnels

ACE wanted to increase conversion rates at specific stages of the engagement lifecycle to grow their user base. 

Since cart abandoners had taken the initial steps in the conversion funnel—and are usually moments away from a purchase— Insider recommended conversion push notifications.

With Insider’s deep segmentation capabilities, ACE could do more than blast one-time notifications, they could send strategic offers and personalized messages to engage cart abandoners one-to-one and increase their likelihood to purchase.

With Insider’s segmentation tools, ACE built granular conversion campaigns and uplifted mobile app user engagement. 

ACE experienced phenomenal growth using Insider's behavioral automation. Behavior-triggered notifications resulted in 6X more conversions than standard one-time push notifications.

Looking Ahead

“Using Insider’s granular segmentation capabilities we saw 15 to 20 conversions for a single push—far beyond our expectations. We’re actively looking to expand our partnership with Insider. To unify our data and gain a comprehensive understanding of our users across channels, we’re considering Architect, Insider’s customer journey orchestration tool, and newsletter solution,” added, Rejin Geo.

“Insider gave us insight into each customer's journey and what's driving their decisions, when, and on what channel. We evaluated multiple vendors and chose Insider to roll out our ambitious initiatives. The platform's ease of integration, low learning curve, and sophisticated segmentation capabilities helped us double our mobile app conversions—I couldn't be happier with the results.”

Rejin Geo

Director of eCommerce ACE Hardware, Kuwait

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