29.81% conversion rate uplift with sign-up personalization

About Trolley.ae

Trolley.ae, the fastest growing online grocery store in Dubai, is expanding its delivery service. Stocking more than 10,000 items, Trolley.ae is a one-stop grocery shopping destination, allowing its customers to save time, money, and above all, hassle.
Getting it Right First Time
A user’s first visit is a critical milestone for any online business. If you miss the opportunity to engage and convert potential customers during their first encounter with your company, it may be their last visit too. Therefore the new visitor experience should focus mainly on the benefits of the service and getting people to sign up. Trolley wanted to convert more first-time visitors into customers. 
First time visitors. 
Omnichannel personalization platform Insider tracks users’ online behavior and creates dynamic segments to deliver unique experiences for individual users. With its behavioral targeting module, Insider helps brands identify first-time visitors and personalize their experience, matching the experience to their needs. In this case, Insider enabled Trolley to direct its new users to sign up, collecting valuable customer data that could be used for more sophisticated personalizations.
The Benefits of Email Sign-Up
Upon their arrival on the homepage, first-time users were welcomed with a lightbox, directing them to sign up. The visitors were informed about the delivery times and the benefit of signing up, which is the delivery of daily offers directly to their inboxes.


Insider’s behavior-based segmentation and personalization solution proved to be successful, delivering excellent results. Trolley.ae was able to increase the conversion rate of first-time visitors by 29.81%.

“Insider is an intuitive solution enabling brands to experiment with new ways to get visitors’ attention and build long-term relationships with them. Using Insider we are able to create, implement, test and analyze personalization campaigns quickly and get game-changing results.”

Omar Awward


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