• Protect


  • Keeping


  • Staying

    of threats

  • Push to ensure that companies’ data and their customers’ information is protected from bad actors. Chip away at threats with some of the most security-forward experts in the industry.

  • Develop security awareness training to help prevent human errors and reduce breaches or attacks. Ensure our QA and development teams are taught how to avoid costly and damaging cybersecurity problems.

  • Monitor security tools and take swift action when issues arise. Perform web, mobile application, and internal penetrations tests to ensure everything is running smoothly. Analyze threat, review source code, and assess social engineering vulnerabilities.

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  • Yunus Yilmaz

    Yunus Yilmaz

    Security Engineering
    Security is everyone's concern, but it's our mindset. Security is at the foundation of our customers' trust in Insider, and we are here to make it an assurance.

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