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  • Before we can truly solve anything, we need to know our users—what’s motivating them, triggering, and inspiring them. Our product designers work with UX researchers, customers, and stakeholders to conceptualize moonshot technologies and determine their KPIs.

  • Our product designers are skilled at getting to the root of how people feel when they’re using interacting with an interface, feature, or product, and how their behavior will impact the metrics they’re measuring.

  • Are you skilled at translating requirements into action? We’re looking for critical thinkers that know how to strike the right balance between customer interests and business needs. From low-fidelity wireframes to working prototypes to user testing, you’ll play a vital role in pushing Insider and our customers forward.

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  • Eser Teker

    Eser Teker

    Product Design
    As the product design team at Insider, whatever we do is affecting our user’s life everyday.
  • Savvy Mehra

    Savvy Mehra

    Product Design
    We believe that good design is intuitive. We empathize, we analyze, we innovate — all to bring together a product that makes your job easier.

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