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    of Excellence

  • Find amazing talent and connect them with other convetion breakers, history markers, and firebrands, who are hungry to learn, experiment, and grow together.

  • Learning never gets old. We believe that having a growth mindset and commitment to personal development is what drives our culture’s collective growth. You are the sum total of the people are you—and this philosophy is at our core.

  • We’re committed to creating smooth processes at every operational touchpoint. We’re people specialists who handle everything from relocation to cultivating a socially responsible and inclusive culture.

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  • Ema Krsulj

    Ema Krsulj

    People & Culture
    Anything that is measured and watched, improves. We are here to always improve.
  • Damla Tartici

    Damla Tartici

    Learning & Development
    We exist because we genuinely care about our people. We enjoy helping them and seeing them grow. If a team member enjoys coming to work and feels like they're achieving something here, we believe L&D plays a crucial role in it.
  • Alina Issengaliyeva

    Alina Issengaliyeva

    People & Culture
    Our existence depends on hiring people who will run our business and define our future

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